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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
GNL / 135 Airways Inc view
SEC / 3D Aviation view
MLA / Q5 40-Mile Air view
AJJ / A2 Jet Leasing LC view
ABX / GB ABX Air view
ACD / Academy Airlines view
BJT / ACM Aviation Inc view
AXQ / Action Airlines (Action Air Charter) view
XTJ / Advance Aviation Services view
/ 4G Advance Leasing Company view
AEZ / Aerial Transit Company view
CTA / Aero Charter and Transport view
GLT / Aero Charter Services Inc view
DFA / Aero Coach Aviation view
DYN / Aero Dynamics view
AGY / Aero Flight Service Inc view
/ Aero Maximum view
QKC / Aero Taxi Aviation view
/ Aero Union Corporation view
PQY / QY Aero Virgin Islands view
DNJ / Aerodynamics Incorporated view
AQZ / Aerodyne Charter Company view
XAA / Aeronautical Radio Inc view
STK / Aeropac Charters Inc view
JPR / Aerosmith Aviation Inc view
DST / Aex Air view
JFC / AFLC-LTV Jet Fleet Corporation view
DBA / Air Alpha A-S view
AAI / Air Aurora view
CMF / Air Care Alliance view
MVM / Air Cargo America view
SNC / 2Q Air Cargo Carriers view
TDG / Air Cargo Express view
PFT / Air Cargo Express International Inc view
RNR / Air Cargo Masters view
GLB / Air Castle Corporation / Global Airways view
WWI / Air Castle Worldwide Jet Charter Inc view
RAP / Air Center Helicopters Inc view
CHV / Air Charter Professionals view
XAC / Air Charter World view
\N / 3E Air Choice One view
NAR / Air Continental Inc view
FLZ / QH Air Florida view
AGM / Air Guam view
AIL / Air Illinois view
UED / Air Lanka view
ALN / Air Lincoln view
ALG / Air Logistics LLC view
RCH / MC Air Mobility Command view
WDR / Air Net Private Charter view
ANV / Air Nevada view
NER / Air Newark view
PCR / Air Pac Airlines view
ARZ / Air Resorts Airlines view
ARC / Air Routing International Corp. view
SJN / Air San Juan view
AMR / Air Specialties Corporation view
SIP / Air Spirit view
STT / Air St. Thomas view
RSI / Air Sunshine view
HMA / Air Tahoma view
TDY / Air Today view
ATA / Air Transport Association view
ATH / Air Travel Corp. view
VGA / 6V Air Vegas view
AWI / ZW Air Wisconsin view
ABX / GB Airborne Express view
XLB / Aircraft Performance Group view
GSP / Airlift Alaska view
WPK / Air-Lift Associates view
AIR / Airlift International view
XAO / Airline Operations Services view
TRH / Airmark Aviation view
XPR / Air-Rep Service view
TRS / FL AirTran Airways view
AVV / Airvantage Inc view
AEX / Airway Express view
ASA / AS Alaska Airlines view
CTL / Alaska Central Airlines view
AER / KO Alaska Central Express view
AAK / Alaska Island Air view
\N / J5 Alaska Seaplane Service LLC (Juneau AK) view
AL2 / A2 All American Jet Inc view
LWD / All Leisure Airways view
ALO / Allegheny Commuter Airlines view
AAY / G4 Allegiant Air view
AAH / AQ Aloha Airlines view
AJW / Alpha Jet International Inc view
AIP / 5A Alpine Air Express Chile view
AXS / Altus Airlines view
AQO / Aluminum Company Of America view
ALY / Alyeska Air Service view
AWE / HP America West Airlines view
AAL / AA American Airlines view
/ American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum view
EGF / MQ American Eagle view
XFS / American Flight Service Systems view
FYS / American Flyers Airlines view
SCM / American Jet International Company view
/ American Legion - Post 521 view
AMF / Ameriflight view
AJT / M6 Amerijet International view
AJI / 7Z Ameristar view
AJI / Ameristar Jet Charter Inc-Chaparral Jet Centre view
MMP / AMP Incorporated view
XAM / AMR Services Corporation view
ADX / Anderson Aviation Corporation view
NGF / Angel Flight America view
RZZ / Anoka Air Charter view
IWA / ZM Apache Air view
APX / Apex Air Cargo view
CNH / Aquila Air LLC view
NRS / ARCO - Atlantic Richfield Company view
CIR / 5F Arctic Circle Air Service view
ARY / Argosy Airways view
TMP / Arizona Express Airlines view
AZP / Arizona Pacific Airways view
PXX / Aroostook Aviation view
APW / JW Arrow Air view
ARH / Arrowhead Airways view
MGE / Asia Pacific Airlines view
WAW / Asian Wings Airways view
APQ / Aspen Aviation Partners LLC view
AHF / Aspen Helicopters view
AAV / Astro Air International view
XAT / AT and T Aviation Division view
AMT / ATA Airlines view
ATN / 8C ATI - Air Transport International view
A1F / A1 Atifly view
EXG / Atlanta Air Exchange Inc view
/ Atlantic Aero Inc view
BLR / Atlantic Coast Airlines view
PRT / Atlantic Coast Jet view
AGF / Atlantic Gulf Airlines view
ASQ / EV Atlantic Southeast Airlines (ASA) view
AAO / Atlantis Airlines (USA) view
GTI / 5Y Atlas Air view
ATR / Atlas Airlines view
TXX / Austin Express view
KYC / Av Atlantic view
TTE / AvCenter Inc view
VXP / XP Avelo Airlines view
VRT / Averitt Air Charter Inc view
UTX / Avfinity view
CKL / Aviation Charter Services view
FBW / Aviation Data Systems view
AAM / Aviation Management Corporation view
/ AVTEL Flight Test Inc (AFTI) view
666 / B0 Aws express view
/ 7A Aztec Worldwide Airlines view
BAJ / 8Q Baker Aviation LLC view
BTL / Baltia Air Lines Inc view
BLT / Baltic Aviation AB view
CPJ / Baltimore Air Transport Inc view
EAH / Baltimore Airways view
BNS / Bancstar - Valley National Corporation view
/ Bank of Utah Trustee view
BKA / B4 Bankair Inc view
HAR / HB Bar Harbor Airlines view
BKJ / Barken International Inc view
BVN / Baron Aviation Services Inc view
XBO / Baseops International view
BFC / Basler Flight Service Inc view
BMJ / CH Bemidji Aviation Services view
BRG / 8E Bering Air view
GAA / HQ BEX-Business Express Airlines view
BIG / Big Island Air view
BSY / GQ Big Sky Airlines view
BHR / Bighorn Airways view
VLX / Biz Jet Charter view
BSA / BZ Black Stallion Airways view
BYA / Blackberry Aviation LLC-Copper Beach Townhomes Communs view
BAK / Blackhawk Airways Inc view
BIR / Blue Bird Leasing LLC view
BLH / Blue Horizon Travel Club view
BKY / BU Blue Sky America view
/ Bob Bean Aircraft Sales view
BOE / Boeing view
/ Boeing Business Jets view
BIN / Boise Interagency Fire Center view
LXJ / Bombardier Business Jet Solutions Inc view
CXS / E9 Boston-Maine Airways view
BTQ / 4B Boutique Air view
BMN / Bowman Aviation LLC view
EXX / Brandy Lee International Air Corporation view
BNF / BN Braniff International Airways view
BRN / Branson Airlines view
/ Bravo Airlines Inc view
BRX / Buffalo Express Airlines view
RLR / Business Airfreight view
BJS / Business Jet Solutions LLC view
TIP / C and M Aviation view
RWG / C&M Airways Inc view
CSL / California Air Shuttle view
CWS / KT California Western view
REZ / Cal-West Aviation view
KAP / 9K Cape Air view
SEM / Cape Central Airways view
CMY / Cape Smythe Airlines view
CPX / Capital Air Services Inc view
CCI / PT Capital Cargo International Airlines view
CCQ / Capital City Air Carriers view
CEX / Capitol Air Express view
CWZ / Capitol Wings Airlines Inc view
FVA / Cardinal/Air Virginia view
GGC / GG Cargo 360 view
\N / KW Carnival Air Lines view
WLV / Carol Aviation North Carolina view
ULS / Carroll Air Service view
CMT / Casement Aviation view
CSO / Casino Airlines view
CSP / Casper Air Service view
CSJ / Castle Aviation Inc view
CBT / Catalina Flying Boats Inc view
XBM / CBM America view
CNL / Centennial Airlines view
YOG / Central Aviation Company LLC view
CHA / Central Flying Service Inc view
CSI / Central Skyport view
DTV / Centre Airlines view
CWC / WE Centurion Air Cargo view
LKP / Centurion American Aviation LLC-Imaginaire Jet Charter view
XAD / Certified Air Dispatch view
CHK / OP Chalk's Ocean Airways view
OFF / Challenge International Airlines view
CCP / MG Champion Air view
CHN / Channel Island Aviation view
WML / Chantilly Air Inc view
CPL / Chaparral Airlines view
HMD / Charlie Hammonds Flying Service view
CGD / Charlotte Air National Guard view
CHQ / RP Chautauqua Airlines view
CBM / Cherokee Express view
CCY / Cherry Air Inc view
CAB / Chesapeake Air Service view
CVR / Chevron USA Inc view
CYA / Cheyenne Airways view
CGO / Chicago Aircraft Services Inc view
WDY / C8 Chicago Express Airlines view
SWA / WN China Southwest Airlines view
CEP / Chipola Aviation Inc view
CPW / Chippewa Air Commuter view
CAS / Christman Air System view
CHO / Chrome Air Services view
CHU / Church Aircraft Ltd view
NTS / Cirrus Aircraft Shares Inc view
FIV / CitationShares Sales Inc view
XCX / Citibank Texas NA view
XBG / City of Bangor view
/ City of Oakland Police Department view
HSR / Citylink Airlines view
BKR / Civil Air Patrol South Carolina Wing view
CKC / CKC Services view
CLY / Clay Lacy Aviation view
TCL / Coastal Air Transport Inc view
CNG / Coastal Airways view
CHL / Cohlmia Aviation view
CLE / Colemill Enterprises Inc view
CJC / 9L Colgan Air view
CCX / Colt International view
WCO / Columbia Helicopters Inc view
GHP / Colvin Aviation Inc view
COM / OH Comair view
/ Combat Jet & Aerospace Museum view
CEO / Comfort Express Virtual Charters Albany view
CJS / Commonwealth Jet Service view
UCA / C5 CommutAir view
UCA / C5 Commutaire International Airways view
CPZ / CP Compass Airlines view
XCO / Compuflight Operations Service view
XCS / Compuserve Incorporated view
CNR / Condor Aero Services view
CGA / Congressional Air view
PDD / ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc view
CAC / Conquest Airlines view
CXO / Conroe Aviation Services view
XCL / Contel ASC view
/ CO Continental Express view
CON / Continental Oil Company view
VTE / Contour Aviation view
CKA / Cook Inlet Aviation view
COP / Copper State Air Service view
CPO / Corporate Aircraft Company view
CPR / Corporate Airsearch International Inc view
CKE / Corporate Aviation Services Inc view
VHT / Corporate Flight International Inc view
VTE / Corporate Flight Management view
CSD / Courier Services view
CWX / Crow Executive Air Inc view
CKR / Crown Air Systems view
CRO / Crown Airways Corp view
CTY / Cryderman Air Service view
CYT / Crystal Shamrock view
CBL / Cumberland Airways (Nicholson Air Service) view
CTT / Custom Air Transport view
DDA / D & D Aviation view
DNK / D&K Aviation view
DCX / Daimler-Chrysler Corporation-Pentastar Aviation view
DXP / Dallas Express Airlines Inc view
DSA / Danbury Airways-Joe Jet Inc view
DSH / Dash Air Charter view
CVF / Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation view
XDT / Date Transformation Corp view
DWN / Dawn Air Ltd view
DJS / Dayjet Leasing LLC view
DAA / Decatur Aviation Inc view
CLK / DeClark Aviation Inc view
DWR / Delaware Skyways view
ELJ / Delta Air Elite view
DAL / DL Delta Air Lines view
DSU / Delta State University view
FEC / Denver Express view
DJT / Denver Jets Inc view
CMI / CS DHL-Continental Micronesia view
SPK / Diamond Aviation Group LLC view
DGT / Digital Equipment Corporation view
DIA / Direct Air Executive Ltd view
DCV / Discover Air view
DVA / DH Discovery Airways view
XDS / Dispatch Services view
DEE / Dixie Airways view
IXX / Dolphin Express Airlines view
DRE / Drummond Island Air view
PHD / Duncan Aviation Canada Ltd view
TLC / Dutch Caribbean Express view
DFS / Dwyer Aircraft Services view
XDY / Dynair Services view
EHD / E H Darby Aviation view
EGJ / Eagle Jet Charter view
EMD / EagleMed view
ECJ / East Coast Jets Inc view
EHA / East Hampton Aire view
EKC / East Kansas City Aviation view
EAL / Eastern Air Lines(2015) view
EDI / Eastern Atlantic Charters view
EAV / 13 Eastern Atlantic Virtual Airlines view
ECI / Eastern Carolina Aviation view
EME / Eastern Metro Express view
SGR / W9 Eastwind Airlines view
CMN / Eckles Aircraft view
EJT / Eclipse Aviation Corporation view
SLO / Edgartown Air view
EDJ / Edwards Jet Center of Montana view
ELX / Elan Express view
MNU / 7Q Elite Airways view
ELT / Elliott Aviation Flight Services Inc view
EFT / Embassy Freight Company view
XSL / Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University view
EWW / Emery Worldwide Airlines view
EMP / Empire Air Services LLC view
ENS / Entergy Services Inc view
ENY / Envoy Air Services LLC view
ESS / E0 EOS Airlines view
4AA / FA Epic Holiday view
EPS / Epps Air Service Inc view
ERH / ERA Helicopters view
ERE / Erie Airways Inc view
EIA / EZ Evergreen International Airlines view
VTS / 3Z Everts Air Cargo view
EAC / Executive Air Charter view
XAF / Executive Air Fleet view
XSR / Executive AirShare Corporation view
EJM / Executive Jet Management view
XPL / Express Line Aircompany view
XNA / Express Net Airlines view
LHN / EO Express One International view
BTA / XE ExpressJet Airlines view
EYE / F.S. Air Service view
NHK / FAA - Federal Aviation Administration view
FWY / Fairways Corporation view
FAO / Falcon Air Express view
FAW / Falwell Aviation Company view
FDL / Farmingdale State University view
FRW / Farwest Airlines view
SKM / Fayetteville Flying Service and Scheduled Skyways System view
FRM / Federal Armored Service view
/ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) view
FDX / FX Federal Express (FedEx) view
IRO / FedEx-CSA Air view
MTN / FedEx-Mountain Air Cargo view
WIG / FedEx-Wiggins Airways view
FAK / Financial Airxpress Inc view
FBF / Fine Airlines view
FLC / FINFO Flight Inspection Aircraft view
GGA / First Flying Squadron view
FSX / Flagship Express Services view
WAF / Flamenco Airways Inc view
FMR / Flamingo Air USA LLC (Rieviera Beach FL) view
TUD / Flight Alaska view
FLX / Flight Express view
IVJ / Flight International Sales & Leasing view
MIT / Flight Line Services view
FOI / Flight Ops International view
OPT / Flight Options LLC view
CCK / Flight Trac view
CSK / Flightcraft Inc view
FSR / Flightstar Corporation-Flex-N-Gate view
KDZ / Flightworks Inc view
FAZ / Flint Aviation Services Inc view
OJY / Florida Aircraft Sales LLC view
FCL / PA Florida Coastal Airlines view
FFS / Florida Department of Agriculture view
FJS / Florida Jet Service Inc view
FWL / RF Florida West International Airways view
ILY / IL Fly Illi view
/ BN Forward Air International Airlines view
FSC / HK Four Star Aviation / Four Star Cargo view
WDS / Four Winds Aviation view
FRL / Freedom Airlines view
FRG / Freight Runners Express view
FAL / Friendship Air Alaska view
FFT / F9 Frontier Airlines view
ITR / Frontier Commuter view
FTA / 2F Frontier Flying Service view
GAX / Full Express view
GFC / Gail Force Express view
MTA / GAK/Mitchell Aero view
GAS / Galena Air Services Company Inc view
/ 1G Galileo International view
GSA / Garden State Airlines view
GBX / GB Airlink Inc view
GCS / GCS Air Service view
GCO / GR Gemini Air Cargo view
GMC / General Motors Corporation view
PWA / George J. Priester Aviation Service Inc view
NTC / Gibson Aviation Inc view
RPS / Global Air Charters view
GF5 / F5 Global Freightways view
NSM / Global Jet Corporation view
GSK / Global Sky Aircharter view
XGS / Global Systems Inc view
XGW / Global Weather Dynamics view
GJS / G7 GoJet Airlines view
GDD / Golden Airlines view
GPA / Golden Pacific Airlines view
GPE / GP Express Airlines view
GAE / Grand Aire Express Inc view
GND / Grand Airways view
CVU / Grand Canyon Airlines Inc view
GUN / GS Grant Aviation view
GRA / Great American Airways view
GLA / ZK Great Lakes Airlines view
GRP / Great Plains Airlines view
GWA / Great Western Aircraft Sales Inc view
KKB / Gresham Air South Carolina LLC view
FCI / Group Five Air Carriers (Pty) Ltd) view
\N / 6P Gryphon Airlines view
GTX / GTA Air view
WLT / Guggenheim Aviation Partners (GAP) view
TSU / Gulf & Caribbean Cargo / Contract Air Cargo view
GAT / Gulf Air Inc view
GCN / Gulf Central Airlines view
SFY / Gulf Flite Center Inc view
GLF / Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation view
GFS / Gulfstream Airlines view
GFT / Gulfstream International Airlines view
GUL / Gull Air view
FMS / Hadison Aviation view
HAG / H6 Hageland Aviation Services view
WVA / Hand D Aviation view
HA1 / H1 Hankook Air US view
HAL / HA Hawaiian Airlines view
/ HP Hawaiian Pacific Airlines view
HKI / Hawkaire view
/ Hawkins & Powers Aviation Inc view
HTS / Helitrans Air Service view
HNA / Henson, the Piedmont Regional Airline view
SSH / Heritiage Flight (Valley Air Services) view
MRX / Herman's Markair Express view
HGA / Hogan Aircraft LLC view
HOL / Holiday Airlines view
HPJ / Hop-a-Jet Inc view
QXE / QX Horizon Air view
QXE / QX Horizon Air Inc view
KOK / Horizon Air Service Ltd view
HUD / Horizons Unlimited Air view
UFS / Hormann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft view
HHO / Houston Helicopters view
\N / HQ HQ- Business Express view
HUB / Hub Airlines view
HUS / Huessler Air Service view
GMH / Hughes Aircraft Company view
RW / Hughes Airwest view
WHR / Hummingbird Helicopter Service view
SWQ / WQ iAero Airways view
CSQ / II IBC Airways view
/ ICX - International Charter XPress view
IFL / IFL Group Inc view
IAR / Iliamna Air Taxi Inc view
ILW / IL Illinois Airways view
IDE / DH Independence Air view
IBU / I9 Indigo Ltd view
ADY / Int.Aerodyne view
ITA / Inter-Air Taxi Aereo Ltda view
/ Inter-American Air Forces Academy (IAAFA) view
COA / CO Intercontinental Airlines Nigeria view
UGL / Inter-Island Air Inc view
/ IS InterIsland Airlines view
IMA / Inter-Mountain Airways view
IAS / International Air Service view
IBY / International Business Aircraft view
ICX / International Charter Xpress view
NXT / International Express Aircharter Ltd view
IFX / International Flight Training Academy view
IJA / International Jet Aviation Services Inc view
HSP / International Jet Charter Inc view
AND / International Jet Service Inc view
IPT / Interport Corporation view
ITS / Inter-State Aviation view
IOA / Iowa Airways view
MKU / WP Island Air view
MKU / WP Island Air (WP) view
ILF / Island Air Charters Inc view
XYZ / Island Air Express view
MTP / Island Helicopters view
IGS / Isle Grande Flying School view
/ 1U ITA Software view
RFX / J P Hunt Air Carriers view
/ J-Air LLC view
JAX / Janair LLC view
CYD / ZA Jeflyn Aviation Inc d-b-a Access Air view
JNY / Jenney Beechcraft view
XLD / Jeppesen Data Plan view
JTX / Jet Aspen Air Lines view
BZF / Jet Aviation Business Jets view
DWW / Jet Courier Service view
JED / Jet East International Sales & Leasing view
CFT / Jet Freighters view
HTL / Jet Link Aviation view
JBU / B6 JetBlue Airways view
UEJ / Jetcorp Aircraft Sales Inc view
JTN / Jettrain Corporation view
JWY / Jetways of Iowa LLC view
JWW / JetWind view
HKN / Jim Hankins Air Service Inc view
RAS / Jim Ratliff Air Service view
TQM / JM Family Aviation view
JDC / John Deere and Company view
JHN / Johnson Air LLC view
JMJ / Johnston Airways view
FSA / Jordan Foster Aviation Inc view
LKY / JP Air Solutions LLC view
DOJ / Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System (JPATS) view
KAI / Kaiser Air view
CKS / K4 Kalitta Air view
KFS / CB Kalitta Charters II view
KSU / Kansas State University view
XKA / Kavouras Inc view
KEN / M5 Kenmore Air Express view
KWY / Key Air LLC view
KEY / Key Airlines view
LYM / Key Lime Air view
FTP / Keystone Aerial Surveys Inc view
BEZ / Kingfisher Air Services view
KHA / Kitty Hawk Aircargo view
KHC / Kitty Hawk Airways view
KIA / KP Kiwi International Air Lines view
KHX / Knighthawk Express view
LAH / L A Helicopter view
LJY / L J Aviation-AutoStar LLC view
LAB / JF L.A.B. Flying Service view
FNT / L-3 Communications Flight Internation Aviation view
SKQ / LabCorp-Regions Equipment Finance Corporation view
HCA / Lake Havasu Air Service view
LKL / Lakeland Aviation view
LKR / Laker Airways view
LRD / Laredo Air view
LEP / Laughlin Express view
LAR / Lawrence Aviation Inc view
LPL / Lease-a-Plane International view
LAD / Lebanon Airport Development Corporation view
LCA / Leconte Airlines view
LGD / Legend Airlines view
LEN / Lentini Aviation view
LEX / L'Express view
GDQ / Lincoln Air National Guard view
LSY / Lindsay Aviation view
/ Ling-Temco-Vought Corporation view
LOC / ZQ Locair view
LAC / Lockeed Aircraft Corporation view
XLG / Lockheed Air Terminal view
XDD / Lockheed DUATS view
LNG / Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company view
CBD / Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Corp view
ICR / Lone Eagle Aeronautica LLC view
LSS / Lone Star Airlines view
ORA / Long Island Airlines LLC view
LCH / Lynch Flying Service Inc view
LYC / L2 Lynden Air Cargo view
LXF / Lynx Air International view
JNH / M & N Aviation view
MCN / Mac Dan Aviation Corporation view
MLH / Mahalo Air view
MAT / Maine Aviation view
MAJ / Majestic Airlines view
MLS / Mall Airways view
MAN / Mannion Air Charter view
EXE / MAP Executive Flight Service view
/ March Field Air Museum view
MRK / Markair Express view
XMA / Martin Aviation Services view
MRA / Martinaire Aviation LLC view
M1F / M1 Maryland Air view
TRP / Maryland State Police view
MTH / Massachusetts Institute of Technology view
MPL / Master Planner view
MVR / Maverick Airways view
MXJ / MY Maxjet Airways view
MXP / May Air Xpress view
MKL / McCall Aviation Inc view
MDS / McNeely Charter Service view
MEJ / Medjet International Inc view
MEK / Med-Trans of Florida view
MEC / Mercury Aircourier Service view
MEI / Merlin Airways view
ASH / YV Mesa Airlines view
MES / XJ Mesaba Airlines view
MEX / Metro Express view
MTR / Metroflight view
HUR / Miami Air Charter view
BSK / LL Miami Air International view
OWL / Miami Valley Aviation Inc view
MJR / MidAmerica Jet Inc view
MDC / Mid-Atlantic Freight view
MFR / Midline Air Freight view
MPA / Mid-Pacific Airlines view
MIS / Midstate Airlines view
MDW / JI Midway Airlines view
FLA / Midway Express view
FAX / Midwest Air Freighters view
MEP / YX Midwest Airlines view
MWT / Midwest Aviation Division view
WAL / WA Midwestern Airlines Inc view
/ Military Aircraft Restoration Corporation view
MFS / Miller Flying Services view
OXO / Million Air Aviation view
EBE / Minebea Technologies view
/ Minnesota Air National Guard Museum view
/ Mirage Resorts LLC view
BDG / Mississippi State University view
MVA / Mississippi Valley Airways view
MNY / Mooney Aircraft Corporation view
MSS / Morris Air Service view
MRO / Morrison Flying Service view
PKP / Mountain Air Express view
BRR / Mountain Air Services LLC view
MBI / Mountain Bird Inc view
MHA / Mountain High Aviation LLC view
MTV / Mountain Valley Air Service view
MOW / Mowhawk Airlines view
/ MS760 Corporation view
WBR / Multi-Aero Inc view
MUA / Murray Air Inc view
ACK / DV Nantucket Airlines view
NAP / Napier Air Service Inc view
/ NAS Jacksonville Base Collection view
/ NASA-National Aeronautics & Space Administration view
NJC / Nashville Jet Charters view
NTK / Natioanl Air Traffic Controllers Association view
NCR / N8 National Air Cargo view
/ National World War II Museum view
NAE / Nations Air Express Inc view
SDY / 2S Nature Island Express view
XNV / Navinc Airlines Services view
/ 1N Navitaire view
EJA / 1I NetJets view
NEZ / New England Air Express view
/ New England Air Museum view
NEA / EJ New England Airlines Inc view
NWD / New World Jet Corporation view
NYH / New York Helicopter Charter Inc view
GRY / New York State Police Aviation Unit view
HVA / Newair view
NXF / Nextflight Aviation view
NAJ / North American Jet Charter Group view
NAT / North Atlantic Air Inc view
\N / NO North Pacific Airlines Inc view
CAM / R9 North Star AC-Camai Air (N) view
SBX / North Star Air Cargo view
NCE / Northcoast Executive Airlines view
NEE / Northeast Airlines view
NPX / Northeast Aviation X LLC view
NAC / NC Northern Air Cargo view
NDA / Northern Airways Inc view
NIC / Northern Illinois Commuter view
NTX / Northern Jet Management Inc view
KOE / Northland Aviation view
NSS / Northstar Aviation view
NWE / Northwest Aero Associates view
XNT / Notams International view
TUK / Ocean Wings Commuter Service view
OKL / Oklahoma Department of Public Safety view
OAE / OY Omni Air International view
OSY / 1L Open Skies Consultative Commission view
OBT / Orbit Airlines view
OAN / Orbit Atlantic Airways view
OAI / Orbit International Airlines view
OAR / Orbit Regional Airlines view
OZR / OZ Ozark Air Lines view
WIS / Paccair view
PCE / Y5 Pace Airlines view
PRC / Pacific Air Charter view
PCF / Pacific Air Express view
PAK / Pacific Alaska Airlines view
PCX / Pacific Aviation (United States) view
PQA / Pacific Coast Airlines view
\N / VB Pacific Express view
PIN / Pacific International Airlines view
PSA / Pacific Island Aviation Inc view
PCJ / Pacific Jet Charters Ltd view
PSX / PS Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) view
NMI / LW Pacific Wings view
PFR / Pacificair Airlines view
RCY / Package Express view
PKW / Pak West Airlines view
/ Palace Aviation Investment Inc view
XPA / Pan Am Weather Systems view
PAA / PA Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) view
PGI / Panagra Airways view
PQW / WQ PanAm World Airways view
PAH / Panorama Air Tour view
AFD / Panorama Flight Service-First Security Bank view
PAI / Paradise Airways view
PDI / Paradise Island Airways view
PGX / Paragon Air Express view
APE / Parcel Express view
PRH / PAS - Pro Aircraft Sales Inc view
\N / P4 Patriot Airways view
ETL / Patterson Aviation Company view
PDQ / PDQ Air Charter view
PEV / Pegasus Aviation Finance Company (PAFC) view
PEX / Pelican Express view
PEN / KS Penair - Peninsula Airways view
XAS / PHH Aviation System view
PHM / PHI - Petroleum Helicopters Inc view
BCH / Phillips Air LLC view
PHL / Phillips Michigan City Flying Service view
PHA / Phoenix Air Group Inc view
PPG / Phoenix Air Transport view
WDY / Phoenix Airline Services view
XPX / Phoenix Flight Operations view
PDT / PI Piedmont Air Lines view
PDT / PT Piedmont Airlines view
FLG / 9E Pinnacle Airlines view
PIO / Pioneer Airlines view
/ Piper Aircraft Inc view
PMS / Planemaster Services view
PLZ / Planet Airways view
PYZ / Players Air view
POC / Pocono Air Lines view
PLA / Polynesian Air-Ways view
PND / Pond Air Express view
PTQ / Port Townsend Airways view
PDC / BK Potomac Air LLC view
PFS / Prairie Flying Service view
PRE / Precision Airlines view
PRD / Presidential Aviation Inc view
WCP / FE Primaris Airlines view
PMC / Primas Courier view
PRM / Prime Air Corporation view
PCN / Princeton Aviation Corporation view
PAT / Priority Air Transport view
BCK / Priority Aviation Company view
PJE / Private Jet Expeditions view
PJA / Private Jet Management Inc view
PSZ / Pro Air Services Inc view
PAD / Professional Express Courier Service view
PPA / Propheter Aviation view
PTL / Providence Airlines view
JIA / PSA Airlines view
PNG / Puerto Rico National Guard view
LBQ / Quest Diagnostics Inc view
QCC / Qwest Commuter Corporation view
GBR / Rader Aviation Inc view
/ 1D Radixx Solutions International view
RAB / RN Rainbow Air (RAI) view
RPO / RX Rainbow Air Polynesia view
RNY / RM Rainbow Air US view
RFA / Raleigh Flying Service view
REX / Ram Air Freight view
RMT / Ram Aircraft Corporation view
PPK / Ramp 66 view
RVN / Raven Air LLC view
RVF / 7H Ravn Alaska view
RTN / Raytheon Aircraft Company view
KSS / Raytheon Travel Air Company view
RBN / Red Baron Aviation view
\N / RR Red Jet America view
PCL / Red Line Air Inc-Pinnacle Air Group view
BXR / Redding Aero Enterprises view
RVV / Reeve Aleutian Airways view
RGY / Regency Airlines view
CEA / 3C RegionsAir-American Conn view
REL / Reliance Aviation-Guardian Holdings Ltd view
RLT / Reliant Airlines Inc view
ROA / QQ Reno Air view
\N / RY Reno Sky view
RGS / Renown Aviation Inc view
RPA / RW Republic Airways view
RST / Resort Air LLC view
RDS / Rhoades Aviation Inc view
RIA / Rich International Airways view
PTY / Richard Petty Transportation LLC view
RVC / Richards Aviation & Meadows Consulting Inc view
RIC / Richardson's Airway view
RCA / Richland Aviation view
RIM / Rimrock Airlines view
REO / Rio Airways view
GRN / E2 Rio Grande Air view
ROX / Roblex Aviation view
RKW / Rockwell Collins Avionics view
RMA / Rocky Mountain Airways view
LIF / Rocky Mountain Holdings Inc view
RAL / Roswell Airlines view
ROV / Rover Airways International view
RAX / Royal Air Freight Inc view
RAW / KG Royal Airways view
RLM / Royal American Airways view
RWE / Royal West Airlines view
/ RWH Aviation Inc view
ERR / 7H Ryan Air Inc view
RCT / Ryan Air Service Inc view
RYA / 7S Ryan Air Services view
RYN / RD Ryan International Airlines view
RAA / Rynes Aviation Inc view
SFX / S.K. Logistics view
GDG / S.P. Aviation view
SBR / Saber Aviation view
/ 1S Sabre Airways view
SBG / Sabre Incorporated view
SFF / Safewings Aviation Company view
SIR / Salair view
MRR / 2G San Juan Airlines view
SPP / Sapphire Aviation LLC view
SXX / Satellite Aero Inc view
PAC / PO SAT-Polar Air Cargo view
SYK / Satsair view
SBS / BB Seaborne Airlines view
SCC / Seacoast Airlines view
SQH / K5 Seaport Airlines view
JCM / Secure Air Charter view
SVX / Security Aviation Inc view
SED / Sedona Air Center view
SEL / Sentel Corporation view
/ 8D Servant Air Inc view
SBF / Seven Bar Flying Service Inc view
SHV / Shavano Air view
SHW / Shawnee Airlines view
SDB / Shoreline Aviation Inc view
TCF / S5 Shuttle America view
SIE / Sierra Expressway view
SRX / Sierra Expressway Airlines view
/ 1I Sierra Nevada Airlines view
SPA / Sierra Pacific Airlines view
IJS / Silvair view
SLM / 3M Silver Airways view
SLH / Silverhawk Aviation Inc view
DKT / Sioux Falls Aviation view
SGY / N5 Skagway Air Service Inc view
FLH / Sky Bus Inc view
SKD / Sky Harbor Air Service Inc view
SGB / Sky King Inc view
KYE / GG Sky Lease Cargo view
LMO / Sky Limo Corporation view
SYF / Sky One Express Airlines view
PZR / 1I Sky Trek International Airlines view
SKB / SX Skybus Airlines view
NIT / Skydive Midwest Aviation Inc view
SFT / Skyfreight view
SKN / Skyline Aviation Services Inc view
SKC / Skymaster Air Lines view
SDD / Skymaster Air Taxi view
SSK / Skystar International view
SYX / AL Skywalk Airlines view
SKZ / Skyway Enterprises Inc view
SKW / OO SkyWest Airlines view
SPC / Skyworld Airlines view
SMH / Smithair Inc view
SBQ / Smithkline Beacham Clinical Labs view
PPS / Snowy Butte Aviation Inc view
SYI / Sonalysts view
SNL / Soonair Lines view
/ Source One Aircraft Repair view
PLT / South Carolina Aeronautics Commission view
SCA / South Central Airlines view
PXP / South Pacific Air Transport Inc view
SPI / South Pacific Island Airways view
SEA / Southeast Aircraft Management LLC view
SNK / Southeast Airlines (Sun Jet International) view
SPU / Southeast Airmotive Corporation view
SOT / Southeast Correct Craft view
SXE / Southeast Express Airlines view
PTM / Southeastern Airways view
SOO / Southern Aircraft Charters view
SOU / Southern Airways Beechcraft view
SXA / Southern Cross Aviation Inc view
SOH / Southern Ohio Aviation Sales view
SSC / Southern Seaplane view
SJS / 76 Southjet view
XAN / 78 Southjet cargo view
ZCS / 77 Southjet connect view
XPG / Southport Air Service view
SWA / WN Southwest Airlines view
SYV / Special Aviation Systems Inc view
XSA / Spectrum Air Services Inc view
SAL / S0 Spike Airlines view
NKS / NK Spirit Airlines view
SJJ / Spirit Aviation Inc view
WCC / Sport Air Travel view
SPE / Sprague Electric Company view
SPG / Springdale Air Service Inc view
ASL / Spurling Aviation view
SUU / Star West Aviation view
NEB / State of Nebraska view
SWJ / Stateswest Airlines view
SBB / Steinman Aviation view
YBE / Stewart Aviation Services LLC view
SUB / Suburban Air Freight view
SMM / Summit Airlines view
SCX / SY Sun Country Airlines view
SNP / Sun Pacific International view
SNQ / Sun Quest Executive Air Charter Inc view
SNW / Sun West Airlines view
CDL / Sunbird Airlines view
SNT / Suncoast Aviation Services Inc view
BNC / Sundance Air view
SDF / Sundorph Aeronautical Corporation view
SDC / Sunrise Airlines view
VXN / Sunset Aviation view
WAB / Sunshine Aero Industries Inc view
SON / Sunshine Air Tours view
SWS / Sunwest Aviation (Lindquist Investment) view
SWI / Sunworld Airlines view
/ SO Superior Aviation Inc view
/ 1K Sutra view
SWQ / WQ Swift Air view
SWQ / Swift Air (Interstate Equipment Leasing) view
SYC / Systec 2000 view
TJA / TJ T.J. Air view
TBI / TAB Express International view
TAG / TAG Aviation USA Inc view
TFF / Talon Air Inc-LJJP Aviation LLC view
TNR / Tanana Air Services view
TQN / Taquan Air Services view
TCM / Teledyne Continental Motors view
TLX / Telesis Transair view
TEL / Telford Aviation Inc view
TDE / Tellavia / Flight One view
TEH / Tempelhof Airways USA view
USJ / Tempus Jets Inc view
TMS / Temsco Helicopters Inc view
TNG / Tennessee Air National Guard 164th Airlift Group view
TEN / Tennessee Airways view
TER / Territorial Airlines view
TXZ / Tex Star Air Freight view
TXA / Texair Charter view
TXT / Texas Air Charters Inc view
TXN / Texas National Airlines view
TXP / XS Texas Spirit view
LEG / The Army Aviation Heritage Foundation view
LCC / The Lancair Company view
TIA / TIA - Trans International Airlines view
TLS / TLC Airplane LLC view
TMM / TMC Airlines view
TOL / TI Tol-Air Services view
TMK / Tomahawk Airways view
CHE / Top Flight Air Service view
TOW / FF Tower Air view
GPD / Tradewind Aviation Inc view
TDX / Tradewinds Airlines view
HBA / Trail Lake Flying Service view
TRC / Trans Air Charter view
MUI / Trans Airways view
TVA / Trans America Airlines view
CLR / Trans America Linea Aerea S.A. view
TCN / Trans Continental Airlines view
BAP / Trans International Express Aviation view
TMT / Trans Midwest Airlines view
TP6 / T6 Trans Pas Air view
LOF / AX Trans States Airlines view
TXS / Trans Texas Airlines view
CWT / Trans Texas Airways view
TWA / TW Trans World Airlines (TWA) view
RBD / Trans World Express (TWE) view
TNI / Transair International Linhas Aereas view
GJB / Trans-Air-Link view
TCE / Trans-Colorado Airlines view
TFA / Trans-Florida Airlines view
MRD / Transmeridian Air Cargo view
TRZ / T9 Transmeridian Airlines view
TNV / TransNorthern Aviation view
TFI / Transport Facilitators view
TRW / Transwestern Airlines of Utah view
TRY / Tristar Airlines view
TSS / Tri-State Aero Inc view
TRO / Tropic Airlines-Air Molokai view
/ Tulsa County Area Vocational School view
TCY / Twin Cities Air Service Inc view
TNY / Twin Town Leasing Company view
--+ / -+ U.S. Aircraft Sales Inc view
DOI / U.S. Department of the Interior view
ULT / Ultrair view
UNF / Union Flights view
/ United Aeronautical Corporation view
UAL / UA United Airlines view
UCS / United Carriers Systems view
/ U2 United Feeder Service view
UPS / 5X United Parcel Service (UPS) view
AIO / United States Air Force view
CGX / United States Coast Guard Auxiliary view
/ United States Navy view
UVA / Universal Airways view
UJT / Universal Jet Aviation Inc view
SKE / Universal Sky Tours view
NDU / University of North Dakota view
\N / E8 US Africa Airways view
UCH / US Airports Air Charters Inc view
USC / US Check Airlines view
/ US Department of Interior view
/ US Department of State Air Wing (DoSAW) view
USX / US Express view
/ UH US Helicopter Corporation view
USH / US Helicopters Inc view
JUS / U7 USA Jet Airlines Inc view
ES2 / E1 Usa Sky Cargo view
GWY / U5 USA3000 Airlines view
USF / USAfrica Airways view
VJA / J7 ValueJet view
VGD / Vanguard Airlines view
RMS / Veritas Aviation LLC view
VMA / Vero Monmouth Airlines view
/ Vertical Aviation Technology Inc view
SRY / VC Via Airlines view
VES / Vieques Air Link Inc view
WCY / Viking Express Inc view
VPP / Vintage Props and Jets view
FXF / VIP Air Charter Service Inc view
VRD / VX Virgin America view
VSS / Virign Islands Seaplane Shuttle view
VCT / Viscount Air Service view
RBY / V2 Vision Airlines (V2) view
VZA / ViznAir view
VCM / Volare Air Charter Company view
CGG / Walmart Aviation view
WAV / Warbelow's Air Ventures view
WAV / Warbelows Air Ventures Inc view
TDB / Welch Aviation Inc view
TXW / TQ West Texas Wings Inc view
\N / OE WestAir Airlines view
\N / OE WestAir Airlines view
\N / OE Westair Aviation Ltd view
PCM / Westair Industries Inc view
NPC / Western Air Couriers view
WAE / Western Air Express view
WTV / Western Aviators view
WGN / KD Western Global Airlines view
KMR / Western Pacific Airlines view
WSA / Westgates Airlines view
WWD / CN Westward Airways Ltd view
WFO / Wilbur's Flight Operations view
WLS / Williams Air Service view
WNA / Winair Winkler & Feyock view
WSI / Wind Spirit Air view
WEX / Wings Express view
WAK / K5 Wings of Alaska view
WAG / Wisconsin Air National Guard view
WSM / Wisman Aviation view
WOA / WO World Airways view
FKS / World Focus Airways view
/ 1P Worldspan view
WRR / WRA Inc view
WRT / Wright Air Lines view
WRF / 8V Wright Air Service Inc view
XWS / WSI Corporation view
WYG / Wyoming Airlines view
XER / Xerox Corporation view
XOJ / XoJet Inc view
CXP / XP Xtra Airways view
\N / Y0 Yellow Air Taxi view
\N / Y1 Yellowstone Club Private Shuttle view
YEL / YE Yellowtail view
YFS / Young Flying Service view
ZAN / Zantop International Airlines view
RZR / Zephyr Express view
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