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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AAL Aalborg Airport Aalborg, DK view
AAR Aarhus Airport Aarhus, DK view
BLL Billund Airport Billund, DK view
RNN Bornholm Airport R├©nne, DK view
CPH Copenhagen Kastrup Airport Copenhagen, DK view
RKE Copenhagen Roskilde Airport Copenhagen, DK view
EBJ Esbjerg Airport Esbjerg, DK view
KRP Karup Airport Karup, DK view
BYR L├ªs├© Airport L├ªs├©, DK view
MRW Lolland Falster Maribo Airport Lolland Falster / Maribo, DK view
ODE Odense Airport Odense, DK view
SGD S├©nderborg Airport S├©nderborg, DK view
CNL Sindal Airport Sindal, DK view
SQW Skive Airport Skive, DK view
STA Stauning Airport Skjern / Ringk├©bing, DK view
TED Thisted Airport Thisted, DK view
- Vejr├© , DK view
SKS Vojens Skrydstrup Airport Vojens, DK view