Copenhagen Roskilde Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
26/09/2020 2-MAPP Cessna 421C (MBA Aviation Ltd) erdni
10/05/2018 G-SMLA BAe 146-200 (JOTA Aviation) Tobythespotter
19/08/2017 OY-NSA DHC-6-300 (Nordic Seaplanes) DanishAviationPhoto
06/06/2017 OY-KVP Learjet 40- (Partnerselskabet OY-KVP) Tobythespotter
15/08/2016 5Y-DHW Beech 1900-C (Aircraft Leasing Svcs-DHL) erdni
15/08/2016 OE-HRS Challenger 350 (International Jet Management) erdni
15/08/2016 OY-CVW King Air B300 (350)- (SGA A-S) erdni
15/08/2016 G-LEAX Cessna 560 Citation Excel (London Executive Aviation) erdni
15/08/2016 B-536 C-130-J-30 (Royal Danish Air Force) erdni
15/08/2016 OY-OYO Beech 400A (IQ Charter KS) erdni
15/08/2016 B-536 C-130-J-30 (Royal Danish Air Force) Franzen
13/05/2013 D-IFLM Dornier 228-201 (FLM Aviation) Franzen
13/05/2013 D-IFLM Dornier 228-201 (FLM Aviation) erdni
13/05/2013 OY-KVP Learjet 40- (Partnerselskabet OY-KVP) erdni
13/05/2013 OY-BPB C-47A-85-DL Dakota (Foreningen For Flyvende Museumsfly) erdni
13/05/2013 OY-BVW King Air 200- (Skandinavisk Motor A-S-Volkwagen) erdni
13/05/2013 N392CM Merlin II- (Flamingo Accent (USA) Wilmington DE) erdni
13/05/2013 OY-CTR Piper PA-31-350 Chieftain (Frans Pind) erdni
30/07/2012 OY-CAT BN-2A Islander-2B-26 (Copenhagen Airtaxi) FerryPNL
30/07/2012 OY-CKP King Air B200 (Cowi A-S) FerryPNL
30/07/2012 OY-RSE Pilatus PC-12 (Fournais Aviation ApS) FerryPNL
30/07/2012 OY-EVO 550 Citation-Bravo (K-S EVO Aviation) FerryPNL
28/08/2011 OY-CDP SOCATA TB9 Tampico (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-HWA Robinson R22B (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-CDT SOCATA TB20 Trinidad (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 N28V Sikorsky S38B Flying Yatch (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 SE-DXB SAAB J29F Tunnan (Swedish Air Force Historic Flight) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-HLT Kawasaki BK117 (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 SE-GIN Piper PA31 Navajo (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-PTL Cessna F172P (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-CDD SOCATA TB9 Tampico (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 LY-BIG Pzl-Mielec AN2T (Air Unique) toxic121
28/08/2011 N278AP 390 Premier IA- (HansenGroup A-S) toxic121
28/08/2011 D-CELE Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 (BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-RUB ATR 72-202 (Danish Air Transport (DAT)) toxic121
28/08/2011 N392CM Merlin II- (Flamingo Accent (USA) Wilmington DE) toxic121
28/08/2011 D-IAKN Cessna 525A CitationJet CJ2+ (Starwings GmbH) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-KFH CRJ-900ER (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-LUN Bellanca 8KCAB Decathlon (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-BLB Piper PA28-151 Warrior (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-SMC Grob G115A (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 D-EHLD Piper PA28-161 Cadet (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-1020 Autogyro Europe Calidus-Autogyro (Autogyro Europe) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-1021 Autogyro Europe MTO Sport-Autogyro (Autogyro Europe) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-CUA Lancair 320I (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 SE-XPK Vans RV-4 (Private Owner) toxic121
28/08/2011 OY-VRV Vans RV-4 (Private Owner) toxic121