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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
ADD / Advanced Air Co. view
CRF / NV Air Central view
AJX / NQ Air Japan view
NXA / Air Next view
ANK / EL Air Nippon view
AKX / EH Air Nippon Network Co. Ltd. view
WAJ / AirAsia Japan view
TSQ / AirTransse view
ANA / NH All Nippon Airways view
AJV / ANA & JP Express view
MZK / AVC Airlines view
JRF / First Air Transport view
\N / JH Fuji Dream Airlines view
GXY / Galaxy Airlines view
GLW / Global Wings LLC view
NTH / Hokkaido Air System view
ADO / HD Hokkaido International Airlines - Air Do view
ABH / Hokuriki-Koukuu Company view
IBX / FW Ibex Airlines view
IKK / Iki International Airlines view
/ 1F INFINI Travel Information view
ILC / Island Link view
OIC / Iwamoto Crane Co Ltd view
JLJ / XM J-Air view
JEX / JC JAL Express view
JAZ / JO JALWays view
JAC / Japan Air Commuter view
/ Japan Air Self-Defence Force (JASDF) view
JAS / JD Japan Air System (JAS) view
JSV / Japan Aircraft Service view
JAL / JL Japan Airlines view
JAL / JL Japan Airlines Domestic view
JAA / EG Japan Asia Airways view
/ Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) view
/ Japan Maritime Safety Agency (Coast Guard) view
/ Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF) view
/ Japan National Police Agency (NPA) view
ZXY / ZX Japan Regional Airlines view
JTA / NU Japan TransOcean Air view
/ Mitsubishi Aircraft Coorporation view
NKK / WJ Nihon Kinkyori Airways (NKI) view
\N / NJ Nihon.jet view
NCA / KZ Nippon Cargo Airlines view
NGK / Oriental Air Bridge view
\N / MM Peach Aviation LLC view
RAC / Ryukyu Air Commuter view
SIJ / Seco International view
HAU / Skyhaul view
SKY / BC Skymark Airlines view
SNJ / 6J Skynet Asia Airways view
SFJ / 7G Star Flyer view
AYU / Yuhi Air Lines view
TZP / ZG ZIPAIR Tokyo view
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