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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
/ 1137 Sqn Air Training Corps view
/ 1414 Sqn Air Training Corps view
WYT / 2 Sqn No 1 Elementary Flying Training School view
TWF / 247 Jet Ltd view
/ 2498 Sqn Air Training Corps view
/ 817 Sqn Air Training Corps view
AKG / 84 Squadron Royal Air Force @ RAF Akrotiri view
AJA / A J Services view
/ A.V. Roe & Company (AVRO) view
FST / Aereos Limited view
RWY / Aerogroup 98 Limited view
AMQ / Aeromedicare Ltd. view
OMG / Aeromega Ltd view
/ Air & Ground Aviation Ltd view
EUK / Air Atlanta Europe view
AAG / KI Air Atlantique view
/ Air Charter Scotland view
CUD / Air Cudlua view
UPA / GS Air Foyle view
MCB / Air Mercia Ltd view
MTY / Air Montegomery view
ACG / Air Partner Private Jets Ltd view
PIE / Air South West view
WOW / Air Southwest view
AWW / 6G Air Wales view
RGT / Airbourne School of Flying view
/ Aircraft Solutions view
AFX / Airfreight Express view
SHH / Airshare Holdings Ltd view
IME / Airtime Charters view
DRM / Airways Flight Training (Exeter) Ltd view
AMH / Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd view
ALD / Albion Aviation Management Ltd view
BLA / All Charter Limited view
N99 / N9 All Europe view
ARV / Aravco Ltd view
REN / Arena Aviation Ltd view
AAC / Army Air Corps view
AEU / 5W Astraeus Airlines view
NPT / Atlantic Airlines view
TDT / Atlas Helicopters Ltd view
AUK / AUOS view
AUR / GR Aurigny Air Services view
ACC / Avcard Services view
AVP / Avcorp Registrations Ltd view
GHL / Aviance International Inc view
AVB / Aviation Beaufort view
ESO / Avitat view
CFE / CJ BA Cityflyer view
BRT / TH BA Connect view
RPX / BAC Express Airlines view
BAC / BAC Leasing Ltd view
WTN / BAE Systems Inc view
CLN / Barnes Olson Aero Leasing Ltd view
EGH / BBN-Airways view
BCT / BCT Aviation view
PVO / Bearing Supplies Limited view
\N / VB Birmingham European Airways view
BIZ / Bizjet Ltd view
GYP / Black Eagle Aviation Inc view
BCI / Blue Islands view
BSJ / Blue Swann Aviation view
BMA / BD bmi British Midland view
BMI / WW bmiBaby view
BNG / BN Group Limited view
RHD / Bond Air Services Ltd view
BND / Bond Offshore Helicopters view
BPT / Bonus Aviation Limited view
RRS / Boscombe Down DERA (Formation) view
BME / Briggs Marine Environmental Services view
CLF / Bristol Flying Centre view
BAL / Britannia Airways view
??! / ?? British Air Ferries view
BAW / BA British Airways view
SHT / British Airways Shuttle view
BAN / British Antarctic Survey view
BCL / British Caribbean Airways view
BCR / British Charter view
/ British European Airways view
BIH / BS British International Helicopters view
BMD / British Medical Charter view
LAJ / KJ British Mediterranean Airways view
BMR / British Midland Regional view
/ British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) view
BRT / British Regional Airlines view
SKH / British Sky Broadcasting view
BZZ / Butane Buzzard Aviation Corpoeration Ltd view
BUZ / Buzz Stansted view
UKA / Buzzaway Limited view
BWL / BWA (2002) Ltd view
CBR / Cabair College of Air Training view
CKT / KT Caledonian Airways view
CMR / CAM Air Management view
EGL / Capital Trading Aviation Ltd view
CWN / Cardiff Wales Flying Club view
CVG / Carill Aviation Ltd view
VUE / Carlsbad Aviation Inc view
CIF / 1F CB Airways UK ( Interliging Flights ) view
CIL / Cecil Aviation II LLC view
CEG / Cega Aviation Ltd view
CEC / Celtic Airways view
CWE / Celtic West view
CFN / Church Fenton Flying Training Unit view
CAQ / Cityair (Chester) Limited view
FMC / Claessens International Limited view
CSF / Clasair view
SDJ / Club 328 Ltd view
/ Colerne Air Museum view
COH / Coltishall Flying Training Unit view
CDE / Comed Group view
CMH / Commair Aviation Ltd view
CPS / Compass International Airways view
CBY / Coningsby Flying Training Unit view
SVY / Cooper Aerial Surveys Ltd view
COT / Cottesmore Flying Training Unit view
MGB / Coulson Flying Service view
??? / ?? Court Line Aviation view
COY / Coyne Aviation view
CFD / Cranfield University-Institute of Technology view
CWL / Cranwell Flying Training Unit view
CSE / CSE Aviation LLC view
PSH / D Squared Aviation LLC view
DAN / Dan-Air London view
GOB / Dash Aviation view
ENT / DAT Enterprise Limited view
DCO / David Crawshaw Consultants Limited view
/ Davidstow Airfield & Cornwall at War Museum view
/ De Havilland Aircraft Museum view
LNX / Delos Engineering Corp C/O London Executive Aviation view
BDN / DERA Boscombe Down view
VLF / DFS UK Limited view
DHK / D0 DHL Air view
DIP / Diplomatic Freight Services view
DCT / Direct Flight view
DON / Donair Flying Club view
DCA / Dreamcatcher Airways view
DBJ / Duchess of Britany (Jersey) Limited view
DUO / Duo Airways view
CTK / East Midlands Helicopters view
EZE / T3 Eastern Airways view
GNS / Eastern Executive Air Charter view
EZY / U2 easyJet view
EDC / Edinburgh Air Charter view
JEM / Emerald Airways view
ETP / Empire Test Pilots' School view
ECY / Euroceltic Airways view
GOJ / Eurojet Aviation Ltd view
EMX / 3W Euromanx view
EAG / European Aeronautical Group UK view
EBJ / European Business Jets Syndicate GNS LLP view
URO / European Cargo view
ETV / European Executive Ltd view
ESX / Euroskylink Ltd view
EMN / Examiner Training Agency view
XLA / JN Excel Airways view
XEL / Excel Charter view
XAH / Executive Aircraft Services Inc view
JTR / Executive Aviation Services view
FFC / Fairoaks Flight Centre view
FJC / Falcon Jet Centre Ltd view
CAN / Falconcrest Aviation LLC view
VIP / Farglobe Transport Services Ltd-TAG Aviation UK Ltd view
FHL / Fast Helicopters view
/ FB Heliservices Ltd view
FCA / DP First Choice Airways view
MBL / First City Air view
BWY / Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit view
CLB / Flight Precision Ltd view
FSL / Flight Safety Limited view
FLT / B5 Flightline(G) view
FPS / Flightpass Limited view
FCT / Fly CI Limited view
FEE / Fly Europa Limited view
UKZ / Fly Zoom view
BEE / BE Flybe view
BEE / BE FlyBe Nordic view
GSM / B4 Flyglobespan view
FTM / Flyteam Aviation Ltd view
FOB / Ford Motor Company view
FOR / Formula One Management view
FHS / Forth and Clyde Helicopter Services view
JFY / Foster Yeoman Ltd view
FRA / FR Aviation Ltd view
FAE / Freshaer view
SWF / Galair International view
GMA / Gama Aviation view
GBL / GT GB Airways view
FFU / GEC Marconi Avionics (Holdings) Ltd view
/ G-FFOX Group view
GHI / GH Stansted Limited view
GSS / Global Supply Systems view
GOE / Go Fly (United Kingdom) view
/ GK Go One Airways view
GDA / Goldair Inc view
RDR / Goodridge (UK) Ltd view
/ G-PCAT Group view
HLD / Grampian Flight Centre view
LMK / Grantex Aviation view
MNR / Grossmann Air Services view
STA / Gulfstar Aviation LLC view
GWN / Gwyn Aviation view
POW / Hagondale Limited view
HJL / Hamlin Jet Ltd view
HGR / Hangar 8 Ltd view
NBR / Haughey Air Ltd view
PYN / Haverfordwest Air Charter Services view
HLA / HC Airlines view
CDY / Heliaviation Ltd view
COV / Helicentre Coventry view
JKY / Helicopter & Aviation Services view
MVK / Helicopter Training & Hire view
/ Henlow Chipmunk Group view
HED / Herritage Aviation Developments view
HWY / Highland Airways view
HWD / HPM Investments Inc (Trustee) view
RDE / II Lione Alato Arl view
INS / Inflite The Jet Centre view
FFL / Intavia Limited view
IEA / Inter European Airways view
IJT / Interflight (Learjet) Ltd view
MCD / International Air Medical Services Inc view
NSL / International Generics Inc view
ISF / International Sabilisation Assistance Force view
IPM / IPM Europe view
IOM / Island Aviation and Travel view
IAJ / Islandair Jersey view
IOS / Isles of Scilly Skybus view
JRB / Jc royal.britannica view
JDA / JDAviation view
JPN / Jeppesen UK view
EXS / LS Jet2 view
JRI / Jetrider International view
JXT / Jetstream Executive Travel view
JSW / Jigsaw Project view
JMC / JMC Airlines view
DKE / Jubilee Airways Inc Trustee view
KNG / King Aviation LLC view
KIN / Kinloss Flying Training Unit view
OPC / Krystel Air Charter view
PAP / Langtry Flying Group view
DHM / Lary Archer Aviation LLC view
LEE / Leeming Flying Training Unit view
LOP / Linton-on-Ouse Flying Training Unit view
WGT / Lion Air Services view
LOG / Logan Air view
LMS / Lomas Helicopters view
LCY / London City Airport Jet Centre view
LOV / London Flight Centre (Stansted) view
LHC / London Helicopter Centres Ltd view
LOS / Lossiemouth Flying Training Unit view
LYD / Lydd Air view
MHN / Manhattan Air view
MNX / Manx Airlines view
MAR / March Helicopters Ltd view
MRH / Marham Flying Training Unit view
MKO / Markoss Aviation Ltd view
MCE / Marshall Aerospace view
MBE / Martin-Baker (Engineering) Ltd view
MFA / Martyn Fiddler Associates view
MVN / Marvin Limited view
TFG / MAS Airways Ltd view
MCH / McAlpine Helicopters Ltd view
MCL / Medical Aviation Services LLC view
DSL / Meridian Aviation Partners (MAP) view
MET / Meteorological Research Flight view
/ Metheringham Airfield Visitors Centre view
MVI / Metro Business Aviation view
PIX / Metropix UK view
/ CR MicroAge Computer Centers Inc view
WIZ / Micromatter Technology Solutions view
MID / Midland Airport Services view
RJM / Millen Corporation view
MDB / Monde Air Charters view
/ Museum of Army Flying view
RFI / National Air Traffic Services view
GRD / National Grid USA Service Company Inc view
EVM / Natural Environment Research Council view
NBS / Nimbus Aviation view
NOH / No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron RAF view
NCF / Norfolk County Flight College view
UBT / Z0 Norse Atlantic Airways UK view
NBN / North British Airlines view
NSF / Northamptonshire School of Flying Ltd view
NHL / Northumbria Helicopters view
NWO / Northwood Headquarters (RAF view
NRS / DI Norwegian Air UK view
OCS / Ocean Sky (UK) Ltd view
BOS / OpenSkies view
AFS / Optical Air Data Systems view
OXE / Oscar Aviation Ltd-Oxaero view
WDK / Oxford Air Services view
JSP / Palmer Aviation Leasing LLC view
PGF / Paragon Global Flight Support view
KGC / Peach Air Corporation view
PDY / Pen-Avia view
PDG / PLM Dollar Group Ltd view
PSF / Plymouth School of Flying view
PSR / Polestar Aviation view
PLC / Police Aviation Services Ltd view
CUK / Polo Aviation Inc view
PLX / Pool Aviation Ltd view
PGL / PremiAir Aviation Services Ltd view
PME / Premiair Fliyng Club view
CRY / Primavia Limited view
/ Pro-Cat Trading Ltd view
BKH / RAF Barkston Heath view
LCS / RAF Leuchars Flying Club view
SMZ / RAF Scampton view
STN / RAF St Athan view
SMG / RAF St Mawgan Search and Rescue view
TOF / RAF Topcliffe Flying Training Unit view
VYT / RAF Valley Flying Training Unit view
VLL / RAF Valley SAR Training Unit view
RUE / RU Rainbow Air Euro view
RGM / Rangemile Limited view
RCJ / Raytheon Corporate Jets Inc view
SAK / Red Arrows Display Squadron view
DEV / Red Devils Parachute Display Team view
RHC / 8L Redhill Aviation Ltd view
RAV / Reed Aviation LLC view
RTS / Relief Transport Services view
/ Robert William Davies view
RRZ / Rollright Aviation view
RRL / Rolls-Royce Ltd view
BTU / Rolls-Royce plc view
RKT / Rotormotion view
SHF / Royal Air Force view
\N / 69 Royal European Airlines view
NVY / Royal Navy view
/ Royal Navy Fire School view
RND / Rutland Aviation view
REV / RVL Aviation Ltd view
SHL / Samson Aviation view
JIM / Sark International Airways Ltd view
SXN / Saxonair Charter view
EAX / Saxonair Ltd-Eastern Air Executive view
SAY / ScotAirways view
SKO / Scottish Airways Flyers view
SRG / Search and Rescue 202 view
SRD / Search and Rescue 22 view
STE / Semitool Europe view
SGH / ServisAir view
SYS / Shawbury Flying Training Unit view
SHE / Shell Aircraft Ltd view
SHG / Shoprite Group view
FJE / Silverjet view
SDL / SkyDrift Ltd view
SKI / Skyking Airlines view
SLN / Sloane Aviation view
SFU / Solent Flight Aircraft Ltd view
OLO / Soloflight view
GAD / South Coast Aviation Ltd view
/ Southampton Hall of Aviation view
SSO / Special Scope Limited view
SSZ / Specsavers Aviation Ltd (Trustee) view
LSP / Spectrum Aviation Incorporated view
STC / Stadium City Limited view
STL / Stapleford Flight Centre view
SSP / Starspeed Ltd view
SVH / Sterling Helicopters Ltd view
SSW / Streamline Aviation view
\N / CB Suckling Airways view
SYG / Synergy Aviation Services Inc view
/ TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd view
FBO / TAG Farnborough Airport view
TYF / Tayflite view
TFY / Tayside Aviation Ltd view
DOT / Telnic Limited view
TGC / TG Aviation LLC view
GFN / The 955 Preservation Group view
/ The Mann Organisation Ltd view
/ The Science Museum - London view
TCX / MT Thomas Cook Airlines view
TOM / BY Thomson Airways view
TOM / BY Thomsonfly view
MOH / Tigerfly view
BOX / Tiphook PLC view
AWC / ZT Titan Airways view
NTR / TNT International Aviation view
TRJ / Trans Euro Air Ltd view
TCP / Transcorp Airways view
TSV / Tropair Airservices view
TOM / BY TUI Airways view
TBC / Turbine Air Cargo UK view
TWJ / Twinjet Aircraft Sales Ltd view
HLE / UK HEMS view
UKI / UK International Airlines view
LPD / UK Royal/HRH Duke of York view
SDS / United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority view
UKP / United Kingdom Home Office view
TQF / United Kingdom Royal VIP Flights view
UAH / University Air Squadron view
/ Vale Aviation Ltd view
BTP / Veritair Ltd view
VRA / Vertair view
VSB / Vickers Limited view
ENV / Victoria Aviation Services Inc view
VIR / VS Virgin Atlantic Airways view
WAD / Waddington FTU view
ATX / Warwickshire Aerocentre Ltd view
TEE / West Freugh DTEO view
WSL / Westflight Aviation view
WHE / Westland Helicopters Ltd view
WGP / Williams Grand Prix Engineering Ltd view
/ Wings WWII Remembrance Museum view
WIT / Wittering FTU view
CWY / Woodgate Executive Air Charter view
WYC / Wycombe Air Centre Ltd view
XJC / Xclusive Jet Charter Limited view
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