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Construction List - Auster

  Serial Line No Model Reg Current/Last Operator Status
Not Seen It Auster J-1B Aiglet VH-ACY Moorabbin Air Museum Preserved
Not Seen It Auster-T.7 WE600 Royal Air Force Preserved
Not Seen It 216 Auster Plus D G-AHHY (LB369) Gerald Maddams & Michael Maddams Active
Not Seen It 222 Auster 1 G-AHGW (LB375) David Andrew Gathercole Active
Not Seen It 344 Auster AOP.3 PH-NGK (R-18) Royal Netherlands Air Force Historic Flight Active
Not Seen It 462 Auster AOP.3 NX537 Deelen Air Base Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 518 Auster 3 9M-ALB Kuala Lumpur Flying Club Left Fleet
Not Seen It 546 Auster-III G-ATAX Wilfred Edmund Roberts Left Fleet
Not Seen It 700 Auster 3 G-AHLK John Hilary Powell-Tuck Active
Not Seen It 735 Auster 5 Alpha G-BICD Trevor Raymond Parsons Active
Not Seen It 737 Auster 4 G-ANHS Richard Ellingworth Active
Not Seen It 759 Auster 5 MT192 Royal Air Force Left Fleet
Not Seen It 799 Auster 4 G-ANHU Jacek Mainka Left Fleet
Not Seen It 803 Auster 5 Alpha G-BXKX Anthony Hoskins Active
Not Seen It 835 Auster AOP.5 MS968 Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Preserved
Not Seen It 847 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJYB Philip John Shotbolt Active
Not Seen It 894 Auster AOP.5 G-AOVW William Sturrock Left Fleet
Not Seen It 986 Auster AOP.4 G-AOCU Duncan McKay & John Rayment Active
Not Seen It 1017 Auster AOP.5 G-AKXP Martin John Nicholson Active
Not Seen It 1060 Auster 5D G-AOCR W. S. Shackleton Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1065 Auster 4 G-AJXV Michael David Roberts Active
Not Seen It 1082 Auster 5/150 Alpha G-ALXZ Paul Jeremy Tyler Active
Not Seen It 1088 Auster AOP.5 G-AKPI (NJ703) Matthew David Grinstead Active
Not Seen It 1173 Auster 5 Alpha G-ALYB Graham Frederick Kilsby Stored
Not Seen It 1237 Auster 4 G-AKWS Michael Clifford Hayes Active
Not Seen It 1273 Auster AOP.5 RT644 Royal Air Force Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1416 Auster AOP.5 PH-NET (TJ347) Unknown Active
Not Seen It 1442 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AGOH Leicestershire County Council Collections and Resource Centre Preserved
Not Seen It 1503 Auster 5D G-AKSZ Michael Anthony Farrelly Active
Not Seen It 1567 Auster 5 Alpha G-AKSY Stephen John Farrant Active
Not Seen It 1577 Auster 5 TF-LBP Private Owner Active
Not Seen It 1579 Auster AOP.5 G-AKOW Museum of Army Flying Preserved
Not Seen It 1789 Auster 5 G-ANRP Conner Luke Petty Active
Not Seen It 1809 Auster AOP.5 G-ANIE (TW467) Roy Terence Ingram Active
Not Seen It 1822 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AGTO David James Tempest Miller Active
Not Seen It 1826 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AGTT Gerald Allen & James Goode & Reginald Smith Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1831 Auster-AOP.5 G-ALBJ Brian Michael Vigor Active
Not Seen It 1845 Auster J5 Aiglet Trainer PH-NFH Nationaal Militair Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 1849 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHAT Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 1850 Auster J1 Autocrat G-AHAU Andreas Auster Group Active
Not Seen It 1858 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AGVG Peter James Benest Active
Not Seen It 1863 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHAV John Stanford Antrum Stored
Not Seen It 1870 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHAL Skegness Air Taxi Service Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1873 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AGVN Brian Cecil Hogan Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1885 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AHAM Intema Engineering BvBA Active
Not Seen It 1886 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AHAO Robert George Calloway-Lewis Active
Not Seen It 1925 Auster-AOP.6 G-BNGE Kevin Alan Hale Active
Not Seen It 1956 Auster V-J1 Autocrat G-AHAY (A-13) Israeli Defence Force Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 1957 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AXUJ Stephan Seale-Finch Active
Not Seen It 1963 Auster J1N G-AGXN Jeffrey James Teagle Active
Not Seen It 1970 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AGXV Brian Brooks Left Fleet
Not Seen It 1973 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHCK Skegness Air Taxi Service Ltd Stored
Not Seen It 1977 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHCL Nigel Musgrave Active
Not Seen It 1984 Auster 5J1 Autocrat ZS-IPB Unknown Stored
Not Seen It 1985 Auster J1N Alpha G-AGYD Peter Robin Hodson Stored
Not Seen It 2002 Auster J1 Autocrat G-AGYK Michael Clifford Hayes Scrapped
Not Seen It 2011 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHH Adrian Leslie Hall-Carpenter Active
Not Seen It 2019 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHP David James Hutcheson Scrapped
Not Seen It 2022 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHHT Southdowns Auster Group Active
Not Seen It 2058 Auster J1N Alpha G-TENT Robert Callaway-Lewis Active
Not Seen It 2060 Auster 5 Alpha G-BDFX Adrian David Pearce Active
Not Seen It 2064 Auster 5D Alpha G-ANHX Tim Taylor Active
Not Seen It 2069 Auster 5J4 Archer G-AIJM Nigel Huxtable Active
Not Seen It 2075 Auster 5J4 G-AIJT Aberdeen Auster Group Active
Not Seen It 2084 Auster 5J4 Archer G-AIPR Nigel Mills Active
Not Seen It 2093 Auster J5A Adventurer G-AJER James Wesson Active
Not Seen It 2101 Auster J1N Alpha G-RGCL Robert George Callaway-Lewis Active
Not Seen It 2123 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHSO William Patrick Miller Scrapped
Not Seen It 2124 Auster J.1 Autocraft VP-CAO Sri Lankan Air Force Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 2129 Auster J1-Autocrat OY-DPI Private Owner Active
Not Seen It 2134 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AHSP Richard Maurice Weeks Active
Not Seen It 2136 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHSS Charles William Tomkins Active
Not Seen It 2137 Auster J1N Alpha G-AHST Anthony Charles Frost Written-off
Not Seen It 2151 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIBR Peter Robin Hodson Active
Not Seen It 2158 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIBW Charles Richard Sunter Active
Not Seen It 2159 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AIBX Wasp Flying Group Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2160 Auster J1 Autocrat G-AIBY David Morris Active
Not Seen It 2176 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIGT Chines Stewart Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2180 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIGU Neil Kelman Geddes Stored
Not Seen It 2182 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIFZ Marc Daniel Anstey Active
Not Seen It 2186 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AIGD Richard Michael Doree Saw Active
Not Seen It 2188 Auster J1N Alpha G-AIGF Dorothy Wilhelmina Mathie Active
Not Seen It 2215 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AIRC Reginald James Cheetham Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2218 Auster J1 Autocrat F-PAGD Association les Ailes Anciennes de Corbas Mairie Active
Not Seen It 2234 Auster J1 Autocrat G-AIZZ Michael John Murphy Crashed
Not Seen It 2237 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJAE Didier Fernand Keller Active
Not Seen It 2243 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJAJ Neil Kelman Geddes Active
Not Seen It 2281 Auster 6A G-ARRX John Edward Donald Mackie Active
Not Seen It 2299 Auster 6A G-ARGI Maurice John Kirk Stored
Not Seen It 2309 Auster 5J1 Autocrat G-AJEE Antony Charles Whitehead Active
Not Seen It 2312 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJEH Timothy John Harrison Active
Not Seen It 2313 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AJEI Skegness Air Taxi Service Ltd Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2322 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJDY Warwick Bayman Active
Not Seen It 2327 Auster 5J1 Autocraft ZK-BJL National Transport & Toy Museum Preserved
Not Seen It 2331 Auster J1-Autocrat G-AJIM Gerald Richard Robert St. Aubrey Davies Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2336 Auster J1N Alpha G-AJIS William Henry Mares Left Fleet
Not Seen It 2337 Auster J1 Kingsland G-AJIT Stephen John Farrant Active
Not Seen It 2338 Auster 5J1-Autocrat G-AJIU Martin Damian Greenhalgh Active
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