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How do I download all the info I have inputted

Premium Posted by Mark Harrop Aviation on 20 April 2022 - 13:53:33
Local Airport: MAN

How do I download/retrieve the info that I have inputted onto this site. I want to transfer all my aircraft movements onto a site that doesn't have ads popping up all the time even when requested for them to stop. I pay premium but am not getting premium service after being told it shouldn't happen. Im not the only one getting bombarded all the time by all accounts. Please get it sorted ASAP

Posted by Serge3 on 22 April 2022 - 01:21:28
Local Airport: BOS

The ads really bother you that much? I know you are not the only person that the ads are bothering but I mean seriously...it's like your paying tolls on a road that constantly has traffic jams... you know the road has traffic jams yet you still take that road. If you don't like it then choose a different road.

I think most people realize that these ads keep this "realistically free" site going.

As always thank you to those that do continue to provide service for this website.

~ none premium user, Serge

Premium Posted by AltySi on 22 April 2022 - 13:58:43
Local Airport: MAN


I like this site, and don’t intend to move elsewhere but I’d appreciate it if the ads can be stopped for premium members, and also if there was a way to download a data file of my sightings.

Regards, Simon

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