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Name Robert Taylor
Local Airport No local airport specified.
Total Sightings 27
Airports Spotted At EXT (18), KWJF (7), KLAX (2)

Recent Sightings

Date Reg Aircraft Airport
01/11/2018 N13745 Fairchild C-119 Flying Boxcar (Milestones of Flight Museum) KWJF
03/11/2002 N1430Z Argosy AW650 (Museum Of Flying Inc) KWJF
03/11/2002 N13745 Fairchild C-119-Flying Boxcar (Hernet Valley Flying Service) KWJF
03/11/2002 N7154W King Air 65-A90-1 (U-21A) (K and K Aircraft Inc) KWJF
03/11/2002 N9015Q C-54D-15-DC (Florida Air Transport) KWJF
03/11/2002 N460WA C-54E-15-DO (Florida Air Transport) KWJF
03/11/2002 N78NP Citation-V (General Electric Capital Corp) KWJF
03/11/2002 XA-NAF 737-219 (AVIACSA) KLAX
03/11/2002 ZK-NCG 767-319(ER)(WL) (Air New Zealand) KLAX
07/01/2001 G-JEDX DHC-8-201B (Jersey European Airways) EXT
07/01/2001 5Y-LNT ATR 42-320 (Eagle Aviation France) EXT
07/01/2001 G-AVXJ Bae 748-2/238 (Civil Aviation Authority) EXT
07/01/2001 G-OBLK Shorts 360 (Jersey European) EXT
07/01/2001 G-ECAH Fokker F-27-500 (Euroceltic-Sky Trek) EXT
07/01/2001 G-ECAT F-27 Friendship-500RF (Euroceltic-Sky Trek) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BLZT Shorts 360 (Air UK-Jersey European) EXT
07/01/2001 G-JEAK BAe 146-200 (BAe Systems) EXT
07/01/2001 SE-DRL BAe 146-200A (Malmo Aviation) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BKMX Shorts 360 (Loganair) EXT
07/01/2001 5Y-JNT ATR 42-320 (Eagle Aviation France) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BORM HS-748-2/217 (Sean T Hully Sales Ltd) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BAUR F-27 Friendship-200 (Air UK) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BGHP Beech 76 (Eagle Aircraft Services Ltd) EXT
07/01/2001 G-VICT Piper Pa-31 (Victoria Wharf Ltd) EXT
07/01/2001 G-VIPY Piper Pa-31-350 (Capital Air Charter Ltd) EXT
07/01/2001 G-BDVS Fokker F-27-200 (Air Anglia) EXT
07/01/2001 G-RDBS 550 Citation-II (Redbus Charter Aviation Ltd) EXT