View Sightings For Chukka1515

Name Andy Wood
Local Airport No local airport specified.
Total Sightings 25
Airports Spotted At OVER (9), YEO (6), ZTH (4), MAN (1), AUH (1), DSA (1), HUY (1), ELV (1), ACE (1)

Recent Sightings

Date Reg Aircraft Airport
07/05/2020 D-ALCB MD-11F (Lufthansa Cargo) OVER
28/04/2020 G-TCAA Agusta AW169 (Specialist Aviation Services Ltd) OVER
24/04/2020 G-EMEC EC-175-B (CHC Scotia Ltd) OVER
21/04/2020 ZZ390 Wildcat-AH1 (Army Air Corps) OVER
04/12/2019 A6-BND 787-9 Dreamliner (Etihad Airways) AUH
16/09/2019 EC-MQH A320-214 (Gowair) MAN
11/03/2019 EC-MIF ATR 72-600 (72-212A) (Binter Canarias) ACE
11/06/2018 HB-JJK A320-214 (Edelweiss Air) ZTH
10/06/2018 SX-EIT ATR 42-500 (Sky Express) ZTH
10/06/2018 G-TAWL 737-8K5(WL) (TUI Airways) ZTH
08/06/2018 SP-HAZ A321-211 (Small Planet Airlines Poland) ZTH
06/08/2016 G-DIII Pitts S-2B (James Alan Courts) OVER
06/08/2016 G-ZIII Pitts S-2B Special (William Alexander Cruickshank) OVER
06/08/2016 G-AZGY Piel CP-301B Emeraude (Robin Hugh Braithwaite) OVER
25/07/2015 XL231 Victor-K.2 (Royal Air Force) ELV
11/07/2015 10-0222 C-17A (United States Air Force) YEO
11/07/2015 ZZ514 Wildcat-HMA2 (Royal Navy) YEO
27/06/2015 G-VLCN Vulcan-B2 (Vulcan To The Sky Trust) DSA
27/06/2015 G-MCGE Sikorsky S-92A (Bristow Helicopters Ltd) HUY
27/06/2015 SE-BOG Boeing B75N2S-3 Kaydet (Breitling Wing Walkers) OVER
11/05/2015 ZZ379 Wildcat-HMA2 (Royal Navy) YEO
11/05/2015 ZZ515 Wildcat-HMA2 (Royal Navy) YEO
11/05/2015 XP924 Sea Vixen-D3 (Royal Air Force) YEO
11/05/2015 Merlin II (Flight International Aviation LLC) YEO
08/06/2014 XZ598 Sea King-HAR3 (Royal Air Force) OVER