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Newbie assistance when adding registrations

Posted by JonBoyRetro on 23 December 2022 - 15:22:44
Local Airport: Not specified

Hello, I've decided to enter all of my sightings to help others. My question is: When you query a number, you can get multiple entries for the same airline. For example, I spotted Cambrian Viscount G-AMNZ at BHX on 13/12/1970. However, there are two Cambrian entries. I have added against the earlier one and think it should be against the later one. Are there any rules for this type of scenario? Cheers, Gary

Data Editor Posted by PaulGold on 23 December 2022 - 22:48:24
Local Airport: KNF

hi Gary

have found similar on some of my sightings, the double entries are usually different dates when they were in service so all depends on which one is for the time period you saw the aircraft. A lot of mine I didnt have exact dates (logged as a teenager and never thought I would need a date) so I have a lot of 'guesstimate' dates, and I have seen other loggers on here with similar. Dont think there is a hard any hard and fast rules on here so it all down to your preferences

regards Paul

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