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Swissair Flight 111

Posted by RodneyS on 26 October 2022 - 15:56:09
Local Airport: Not specified

I was a passenger on this flight between JFK and GVA on 19 July 1997, and am curious whether the MD-11 aircraft used for that flight was the same HB-IWF aircraft that was used for the 2 September 1998 Swissair Flight 111 that crashed near Halifax, Nova Scotia. Does anyone know? If not, how would I find that information? Thanks.

Posted by DT on 28 October 2022 - 14:37:51

Hi Rodney,

that would be rather difficult. Internet use obviously wasn’t that common these days. There sites that logged ACARS messages (e. g. Libhomeradar.org) but I don’t think their databases reach this far back.

Maybe contacting SWISS or GVA airport if they are able to dig in their archives may a thought.



Posted by RodneyS on 28 October 2022 - 19:20:54
Local Airport: Not specified

Thanks very much, Dennis. I am thinking that because of the tragic ending of HB-IWF, the aircraft's flight history going back at least a year or so prior to the accident would be available somewhere. The Transportation Safety Board (TSB) of Canada issued Report Number A98H0003 on the accident, and so if no one else has any other sugggestions, I will e-mail the TSB.

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