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Premium Posted by jexeter on 11 March 2022 - 16:07:32
Local Airport: EXT

Have any other Premium users experienced getting ads on the site over the past day or so? I thought at first my account had been demoted but my pictures still remain. The site has been rather buggy since they've started appearing, so I presume it's some sort of glitch?

Premium Posted by jexeter on 11 March 2022 - 16:15:35
Local Airport: EXT

Additionally, the state of the site in general has declined over the past couple of months. There was that period of huge wait times, now certain functions like editing a sighting or logging in throw up server error pages, and random photos I've uploaded have been reduced to a #.

Premium Posted by bosshep on 11 March 2022 - 17:29:24
Local Airport: LGB

I’m receiving ads on my end as a premium member.

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 14 March 2022 - 11:14:53
Local Airport: CAX

Hi Jexeter - we're currently testing a new ad platform, which works in a slightly different way to the previous one and injects ads directly in to the content. We need a few days to get used to how it works, so we can then see how to hide them for premium members (I'm working on this today).

Bear with us for a few days, then the ads should disappear for premium members.

If you experience any other issues with the site, then please let us know. I'm not aware of any other issues with editing sightings, missing images etc. If no one reports them, then we cant fix them :-)

let me know some more details and I can look in to those too.

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