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Login problems

Posted by Franzen on 01 March 2022 - 11:51:51
Local Airport: DUS

Hi, since yesterday I have the problem to login sometimes. I type my user/password and and error appears or the mask to sign in appears again. I am trying this with different browsers. Now it works with Opera (which I normally do not use - I prefer Firefox). Are there any known problems?

Regards Gerhard

Posted by Swakeleys on 01 March 2022 - 12:18:30

Agreed - it just took three attempts to sign in (using Firefox) and last night I couldn't sign in at all.


Post Edited By Swakeleys on 01/03/2022 - 12:19:21
Admin Posted by nighthawk on 01 March 2022 - 13:03:18
Local Airport: CAX

sorry - i'm trying to switch ad networks, however for some reason the ad code seems to interfere with the login system. It also only seems to happen on the live system, so I cannot test it offline.

I'm currently waiting on a response from them as to why this happens.

Apologies for the inconvenience, if you have issues, please try again later as I am trying the changes on and off while I try to find a workaround.

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