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Bugs or Glitches

Posted by Hamster1067 on 09 October 2021 - 03:46:18
Local Airport: MEB

I have noticed a couple of glitches as follows:see attached screenshot

Two names each for REX and RAAF. Only one name for each comes up on an airline search.

Two listings for CNS airport.

Pedantic issue "You have seen 1503 aircraft at 46 airports" This for most of us would NOT be correct, and should read "You have made 1503 sightings at 46 airports", or with some modification to the sorting mechanism. "You have seen 1300 aircraft from 1503 sightings at 46 airports".



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Posted by Hamster1067 on 27 May 2022 - 23:28:50
Local Airport: MEB

Further to the two listings for the CNS airport. I learned that I had incorrectly input the airport at one point as CNS[space]. I was able to rectify the situation by amending the airport to simply CNS. Perhaps an amendment could be made to the 'system' that does not recognise a space as the last character. Cheers and thanks for listening. Hamster1067

Posted by Hamster1067 on 17 July 2022 - 06:37:44
Local Airport: MEB

So playing around with the data I found that despite different airline names for the same airline pre-populating at time of data entry, it is possible to amend each entry and re-enter the airline name with the name you choose to be ongoing. Situation solved, by self.

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