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Premium Posted by AltySi on 21 April 2021 - 11:50:00
Local Airport: MAN


Been using the site for a week or so, and I am really impressed. Got a few little suggestions though.

  1. If I've seen N802NW as Northwest, but not Delta, how can I show it as seen when I download Delta fleet pdf.

  2. If an aircraft changes lease regularly, for example Transavia 737s, how can I mark the same registration as seen for all the times it has reverted to same reg.

  3. Is it possible to make the list of airlines and types clickable on the my sightings lists of top airlines and types.

  4. Is it possible to enable pdf downloads of full historic fleet lists for airlines.

  5. Is it possible to add the c/n number to the initial screen which comes up when you search for a reg.

  6. Make it possible to search by aircraft serial number (c/n)

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Admin Posted by nighthawk on 22 April 2021 - 18:27:22
Local Airport: CAX

Welcome to the site and thanks for supporting us by upgrading to premium :-)

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll add them to the wishlist and take care of these as soon as I can.

For points 1/2 - on some screens you'll see a partially marked icon for aircraft frames you have seen but under another operator. I'll check its working on all screens, and get it added to the PDFs as well though.

Premium Posted by AltySi on 08 May 2021 - 18:08:45
Local Airport: MAN


Another suggestion I have thought of is how you can edit a sighting.

It would be a massive advantage if you could edit a sighting from within the screen where you have searched for a registration and clicked view. It would be great if you could click on your sightings below the aircraft history and edit it there.

Regards Simon

Premium Posted by JohnRMurdoch on 11 May 2021 - 09:20:20
Local Airport: GLA

Very much agree with your last suggestion Simon.


Premium Posted by AltySi on 17 August 2021 - 13:50:19
Local Airport: MAN


Is there any news on a fix to a seen registration showing on the pdf sheets as seen even though you may not have seen it as it's current entry ?.

For example a Transavia 737 PH=HZD has been leased out and return on multiple occasions, but unless you have seen it on it's latest return from lease it will not show as seen on the pdf if you have only logged it on it's very first entry.

Hope this makes sense ?.

Similar applies when airlines merge such as Continental into United, and Northwest into Delta etc.

Rgds Simon

Admin Posted by nighthawk on 18 August 2021 - 09:12:37
Local Airport: CAX

thanks Simon, yes I know what you mean, and It's already on our todo list to add this :-)

Premium Posted by Erazkiel on 25 August 2021 - 18:55:58
Local Airport: GVA

Good evening,

When I search for a registration, I find the plane then you have "Your sightings" with date and place you saw it. Is it possible to add the "photo" symbol/icon when you loaded a pic in the past? Instead of going to "View more images of this aircraft" to see if you already load it?

Hope this is clear. Thanks


Posted by Hamster1067 on 09 November 2021 - 01:08:22
Local Airport: MEB

I have some ideas which might enhance Planelogger, and have added them to this thread in an effort to keep similar themes on the same thread.

My ideas are in no particular order and my apologies if any of the ideas have previously been raised.

Would it be possible to denote the first time you have seen a plane? This could be done by a symbol or words eg. "New Sighting". Then would it be possible to sort by, and generate a report of your first sightings. This could be further enhanced by an ability to filter by country and airport.

OTT Sightings. It would greatly enhance seeing an aircrafts sighting history including those made by other members if when we see OTT that additional information were shown eg. What country was it seen from, or what was its origin and destination. It could work where OTT is used, additional unseen fields pop up for completion, or they are greyed out until OTT is used. Additionally as the telephone app is improved, if an OTT sighting is made using the phone app, a location can be populated using the phone's GPS [in the background].

Provide additional fields to record data Additional fields could include Flight# Flight origin and destination, etc. This information can be recorded in the comments, but with dedicated fields would provide more uniform data.

Buttons at foot of My Sightings Page First Previous Page 1 of 20 Next Last It would be helpful if these buttons were at the top of the column also. eg if I select Next, I am taken to the bottom of the next page. If I could be taken to the top of the next page I could scroll down or press Next from there.

Time Stamp sightings It would be helpful to keep sightings in order for the day if they were time stamped, or if we had an ability to manually sort the order for the day.

Ability to view personal data/sightings offline on a desktop and/or hand held device, and ability to download a backup copy of personal data.

Ability to see how many aircraft seen this year, with totals for each year available for comparing. Plus an ability to sort this data by say World, or country, or airport. See attached image.

Thanks for listening and keep up the good work. Iian


Premium Posted by Dougiehd on 19 December 2021 - 08:30:50
Local Airport: CMB

A small suggestion - in the forums, can we add an option to "mark as spam" or "report to moderator" so these spam posts can be removed? Thanks

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Posted by BruceN on 21 January 2022 - 01:30:29
Local Airport: MFR

My suggestion for the search box on the main page is to add search by serial/construction number. There are situations where an aircraft is registered with a new number and it takes multiple searches to find the correct aircraft when searching by registrations.

Data Editor Posted by Warthog1 on 22 January 2022 - 09:33:54
Local Airport: SOU

Here's a radical request....get the CURRENT site working properly first before focusing on these wish-lists!

  • System response times are rubbish (last 3 months at least)
  • Fleets Lists still screwed up (last 2 years)
  • No back-up system (for ever)
  • No limit on number or size of photos being uploaded (always) - it's meant to be a PlaneLOGGERS site - not a competition to see who can load the most photos of the same plane at the same location on the same date - chewing up valuable disk space and processing time!
Premium Posted by Erazkiel on 22 January 2022 - 12:24:00
Local Airport: GVA

We also really need a reply from the webmaster.

I also join Brian, please guys, load pics if it's really needed. If it's the same plane you saw 3 weeks earlier at the same place, don't load it again. We all need to be smart before getting solutions.

Premium Posted by cazpaul on 05 April 2022 - 12:15:04
Local Airport: LHR

Agree with Warthog1 please please sort out

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