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Full UK Registration List

Posted by Wingco on 13 April 2018 - 12:27:27
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Many decades ago one of the aviation societies produced a book with (at the time) a list of all uk aircraft registrations starting I think with G-AAAA. It gave details of each of the aircraft and their fate, eg: written off, scrapped, sold as, etc, with dates. Unfortunately they never updated the book which I found very useful and historically interesting. Does anything similar exist to-day? I've searched the internet and found nothing. Of course there is G-INFO available on-line but it would be a heck of a chore to enter every registration one by one to compile a record from G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ. Maybe that is why !!

Posted by Airbusyoung on 22 April 2018 - 05:23:54
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Have you tried Civil Aviation Markings although this changes yearly might be the book your after. Covers all G- and M- aircraft.

Posted by plumtim on 28 April 2018 - 20:39:17
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Hi Wingco

As a start you can try http://www.airhistory.org.uk/gy/download.html but this only goes up to G-AFZZ! I'm sure there are other resources though.

Posted by Wingco on 02 May 2018 - 16:34:10
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Hi Airbusyoung, Yes I get CAM every year and it's a pain updating my spots every time and it does not detail aircraft fate/history. Registrations come and go and unless you research every one they are lost. What about EasyJet re-registers to OE- for example??

Posted by Wingco on 02 May 2018 - 16:39:49
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Hi plumtim, Thank you for your reply. As you say, they have only got as far as G-AFZZ which isn't much help. There really doesn't seem to be any other source available. Maybe G-INFO is the only way to go but I'm not sure I've got that length of life left to compile a complete register !!

Posted by jack on 06 March 2021 - 16:18:43
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hi, a newbe catching up with the posts, there was a site from G-AAAA to the latest, but the site owner pulled it as he was i think getting abuse etc...

stay safe, regards, dave...

Posted by TelMac on 07 March 2021 - 11:04:24
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I have a book with every British and Irish registrations with type and con numbers. This book was produced by MIDLAND COUNTIES PUBLICATIONS and compiled by Dave Peel. ISBN 0 904597 601.

Date of publication 1985

Stay Safe


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Posted by jack on 09 April 2021 - 13:05:34
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hi, i tried this years ago, very useful but i tried it last week i get the page with headings but no information, i dont know if its something at my end? perhaps you might have better luck... the address is Aeroreg then click onto registers.

good luck, stay safe, regards, dave...

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