Winnipeg / James Armstrong Richardson International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
28/02/2023 C-FHLG 550 Citation-II (Northern Air Solutions Inc) BenGinter
28/02/2023 C-FHLG 550 Citation-II (Northern Air Solutions Inc) BenGinter
24/02/2023 C-FULJ 737-8 MAX (Lynx Air) BenGinter
08/02/2023 C-GTSN A330-243 (Air Transat) BenGinter
28/01/2023 C-GKPX Metro II (SkyCare Ambulance) BenGinter
27/01/2023 N652DL 757-232 (Delta Air Lines) BenGinter
27/01/2023 C-GPQO DHC-8-311 (Perimeter Aviation) BenGinter
27/01/2023 08-3176 C-130J-30 Hercules (United States Air Force) BenGinter
27/01/2023 C-GNCF DHC-8-311 (PAL Airlines) BenGinter
25/01/2023 C-FKCE 550 Citation-II (Government of Canada-Department of Transport) BenGinter
25/01/2023 C-GIWJ 737-8 MAX (WestJet) BenGinter
25/01/2023 C-GBUU DHC-8-102 (Avmax Group) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-GPQO DHC-8-311 (Perimeter Aviation) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-FKAJ 757-23A (Cargojet Airways) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-FULE ATR 72-202 (Calm Air International) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-FTAR ATR 72-202 (Morningstar Air Express) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-FGKN A321-211 (Air Canada) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-GLWJ DHC-8-402Q (WestJet Encore) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-GNCF DHC-8-311 (PAL Airlines) BenGinter
24/01/2023 C-FHRC DHC-8-102 (PAL Provincial Airlines) BenGinter
23/01/2023 N748FD A300-B4-622R (Federal Express (FedEx)) BenGinter
23/01/2023 C-FNVU A320-211 (Air Canada) BenGinter
17/01/2023 C-GSPW 737-275C (Air Inuit) BenGinter
17/01/2023 C-GTLS King Air 100-100 (Kississing Lake Lodge Ltd) BenGinter
17/01/2023 C-GAMI Merlin II- (Carson Air) BenGinter
21/12/2022 C-FKOJ A320-211 (Air Canada) BenGinter
20/12/2022 C-FRWA 737-8CT(WL) (WestJet) BenGinter
20/12/2022 C-GJWN A321-211 (Air Canada) BenGinter
20/12/2022 C-GWSX 737-8CT(WL) (WestJet) BenGinter
20/12/2022 C-GYAJ 767-35E(ER) (Cargojet Airways) BenGinter
13/12/2022 LZ-GNC 737-86N(WL) (GECAS) BenGinter
13/12/2022 C-FASR Citation-525A (Airsprint) BenGinter
13/12/2022 C-GMSX Pilatus PC-12-47E (Kreos Aviation Inc) BenGinter
13/12/2022 C-FEXH Cessna Caravan-208B (Morningstar Air Express) BenGinter
13/12/2022 C-GKOE A320-214 (Air Canada) BenGinter
13/12/2022 C-FHEN DHC-8-402Q (WestJet Encore) BenGinter
02/12/2022 144618 CC-144 Challenger (Royal Canadian Air Force) BenGinter
02/12/2022 C-GPQO DHC-8-311 (Perimeter Aviation) BenGinter
02/12/2022 C-GVNY Alpha Jet A (Top Aces Inc) BenGinter
02/12/2022 C-GWBL 737-8CT(WL) (WestJet) BenGinter
02/12/2022 C-GWSZ 737-8CT(WL) (WestJet) BenGinter
02/12/2022 C-GIAW IAI 1124A Westwind- (Bar XH Air Inc dba Integra Air) BenGinter
01/12/2022 15003 A310-304 (Royal Canadian Air Force) BenGinter
01/12/2022 C-FEXH Cessna Caravan-208B (Morningstar Air Express) BenGinter
01/12/2022 C-GCWJ 737-7CT(WL) (WestJet) BenGinter
30/11/2022 144618 CC-144 Challenger (Royal Canadian Air Force) BenGinter
01/11/2022 N806TJ 737-490 (iAero Airways) BenGinter