Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
29/11/2022 9M-MTK A330-323E (Malaysia Airlines) Sdbail
28/11/2022 VH-XZL 737-838(WL) (Qantas) Sdbail
22/11/2022 VH-XZA 737-838(WL) (Qantas) Sdbail
22/11/2022 HL7782 777-3B5(ER) (Korean Air Lines) Sdbail
22/11/2022 VH-VER Saab 340B (Link Airways) Sdbail
22/11/2022 B-1113 787-9 Dreamliner (Shanghai Airlines) Sdbail
11/11/2022 N850XR Raytheon/Hawker 125-850XP (Bank of Utah Trustee) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-SQV Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (Air Link Pty Ltd) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-TQE DHC-8-315 (QantasLink) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-ILJ Learjet 60 (Avcair Pty Ltd) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-QOP DHC-8-402Q (QantasLink) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-NTL Jetstream 31-3212 (Pelican Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-YFL 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-VZX 737-838(WL) (Qantas) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 N828AA 787-9 Dreamliner (American Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 9M-JJJ Gulfstream G550 (Government of Johor) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-LQG DHC-8-402Q (QantasLink) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 N517DZ A350-941 (Delta Air Lines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 9V-SKQ A380-841 (Singapore Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-SQV Cessna 510 Citation Mustang (Air Link Pty Ltd) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 B-LXQ A350-1041 (Cathay Pacific Airways) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 CC-BGA 787-9 Dreamliner (LATAM Airlines Chile) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 B-18901 A350-941 (China Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 N17963 787-9 Dreamliner (United Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 C-FIUJ 777-233(LR) (Air Canada) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-VXK 737-838(WL) (Qantas) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-VFU A320-232(WL) (Jetstar Airways) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-MHV King Air B200 (Alamah Pty Ltd) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 I-LUXO Gulfstream G550 (Sirio Fly SpA) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VT-JSY Global 6000 (Jindal Iron & Steel Co) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 VH-XNJ A320-232(WL) (Jetstar Airlines) jimmyhig
11/11/2022 9V-SHU A350-941 (Singapore Airlines) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-OTD Jetstream 31-3212 (Pelican Airlines) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-EBG 747-238B (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 RP-C8789 A330-343 (Philippine Airlines) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-EBJ A330-202 (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-XZB 737-838(WL) (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-EBR A330-202 (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-VZT 737-838(WL) (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-YFL 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 PK-GPX A330-343 (Garuda Indonesia) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-YFW 737-8FE(WL) (Virgin Australia) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-XZH 737-838(WL) (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-ZND 787-9 Dreamliner (Qantas) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-IJQ 737-8SA(WL) (Virgin Australia) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 VH-TQL DHC-8-315Q (QantasLink) jimmyhig
10/11/2022 ZK-NZC 787-9 Dreamliner (Air New Zealand) jimmyhig