Kuala Lumpur International Airport

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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
17/10/2021 TC-JJJ 777-3F2(ER) (Turkish Airlines) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-XXP A330-343 (AirAsia X) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-XXI A330-343 (AirAsia X) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-MLF 737-8FZ(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-XXH A330-343 (AirAsia X) Jens67
16/10/2021 TF-ARM 747-230B (Air Atlanta Icelandic) Jens67
16/10/2021 TF-ARH 747-230B (Air Atlanta Icelandic) Jens67
16/10/2021 TF-ARN 747-2F6B (Air Atlanta Icelandic) Jens67
16/10/2021 B-20CD 787-9 Dreamliner (Shanghai Airlines) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-AFF A320-214 (AirAsia) Jens67
16/10/2021 9M-MLU 737-8H6(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/09/2021 B-18909 A350-941 (China Airlines) Jens67
05/09/2021 9M-XXQ A330-343 (AirAsia X) Jens67
05/09/2021 A7-BHF 787-9 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) Jens67
05/09/2021 VT-AXN 737-8HG(WL) (Air India Express) Jens67
05/09/2021 B-2830 757-28S (YTO Cargo Airlines) Jens67
05/09/2021 9M-KXA 737-4Q3 (Kargo Xpress) Jens67
05/09/2021 9M-MTX A330-223 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/09/2021 9M-LCR 737-8GP(WL) (Batik Air Malaysia) Jens67
05/09/2021 B-58204 A321-252NX(WL) (Starlux Airlines) Jens67
05/09/2021 B-1145 757-2B7(WL) (SF Airlines (ShunFeng Airlines)) Jens67
05/08/2021 HL7603 747-4B5F(ER) (Korean Air Lines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9M-MNA A380-841 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9M-MNE A380-841 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9M-MNF A380-841 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9M-MXB 737-8H6(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9M-MAE A350-941 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
21/06/2021 9V-MGC 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) Jens67
20/06/2021 9M-MXR 737-8H6(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
20/06/2021 9M-LNK 737-9GP(ER)(WL) (Malindo Air) Jens67
20/06/2021 9V-MGD 737-8SA(WL) (SilkAir) Jens67
20/06/2021 B-2812 757-28S (YTO Cargo Airlines) Jens67
19/06/2021 9M-MLG 737-8FZ(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
06/06/2021 A7-ALJ A350-941 (Qatar Airways) Jens67
06/06/2021 PK-GPN A330-243 (Garuda Indonesia) Jens67
06/06/2021 9M-XXU A330-343 (AirAsia X) Jens67
06/06/2021 9M-MAB A350-941 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
06/06/2021 N306UP 767-34AF(ER)(WL) (United Parcel Service (UPS)) Jens67
06/06/2021 B-16725 777-35E(ER) (EVA Air) Jens67
06/06/2021 A6-BND 787-9 Dreamliner (Etihad Airways) Jens67
06/06/2021 9M-MLN 737-8FZ(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
06/06/2021 9M-MLT 737-8H6(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
06/06/2021 9M-MLM 737-8FZ(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/06/2021 9M-MTY A330-223 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/06/2021 9M-MTV A330-223 (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/06/2021 9M-MLI 737-8FZ(WL) (Malaysia Airlines) Jens67
05/06/2021 9M-AQP A320-216 (AirAsia) Jens67