Nairobi Wilson Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
02/12/2019 ET-ALX DHC-8-202 (Trans Nation Airways-Rwandair) kmark
02/12/2019 5H-HOT Cessna Caravan-208B (Coastal Aviation-Coastal Travels Ltd) kmark
01/09/2019 5Y-BZJ Cessna Caravan-208B (AirKenya) Jens67
26/02/2019 5Y-SVN Fokker 50 (Skyward International) rhoward
01/11/2018 5H-NBL Cessna Caravan-208B (Zantas Air Services Ltd) kmark
07/07/2016 5Y-BIO DHC-6-300 (AirKenya) Kirin_Adele
07/07/2016 5Y-PJP DHC-6-300 (Private Owner) Kirin_Adele
07/07/2016 5Y-BTD F-27 Friendship-300M (Imaatong South Sudan Airways) Kirin_Adele
16/11/2015 5Y-BUZ DHC-8-103A (Fly540) DeMo Bo
16/11/2015 5Y-VVY DHC-8-402 (Blue Bird Aviation) DeMo Bo
15/11/2015 5Y-BGH DHC-6-300 (AirKenya) DeMo Bo
15/11/2015 5Y-BXB DHC-8-102 (Fly540) DeMo Bo
14/11/2015 5Y-RHM DHC-8-102 (748 Air Services) DeMo Bo
08/07/2015 N330E Shorts 330 (Win Win Aviation Inc) Margotkiser
08/07/2015 5Y-NJS King Air 200 (Phoenix Aviation Ltd) Margotkiser
08/07/2015 5Y-MNG 550 Citation-Bravo (Phoenix Aviation) Margotkiser
08/07/2015 5Y-FDK King Air 200 (Phoenix Aviation Ltd) Margotkiser
26/09/2014 5Y-XPA Cessna Caravan-208B (AIM-Air (Africa Inland Mission International Services)) DeMo Bo
25/09/2014 5Y-CDK DHC-7-102 (AirKenya) DeMo Bo
25/09/2014 5Y-BRX Dornier 228-100 (Kaskasi Aviationn-Kasas) DeMo Bo
25/09/2014 5Y-SXS Cessna Caravan-208B (AIS Ltd) DeMo Bo
25/09/2014 5Y-BXH DHC-8-102 (ALS Aircraft Leasing Services) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-CCA Cessna Caravan-208B (Mombasa Air Safari) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-DAC DHC-8-102A (DAC Aviation International) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-BZJ Cessna Caravan-208B (AirKenya) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 9Q-CAU Cessna Caravan-208/A (Mission Aviation Fellowship) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-SIR 550 Citation-Bravo (Phoenix Aviation) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-BYD 550 Citation-Bravo (Phoenix Aviation Ltd) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-FAE EMB-120-RT (Freedom Airline Express) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-SED Fokker 50 (Skyward International) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-CAX Dassault Falcon-10 (Private Operator) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 S2-ADL HS-748-2B/360LFD (Zoom Airways) DeMo Bo
24/09/2014 5Y-BXI DHC-8-102A (Aircraft Leasing Services-ALS) DeMo Bo
29/04/2014 5X-FFD F-27 Friendship-500CR (Fly540) DeMo Bo
11/12/2012 5Y-JGM DHC-8-102A (748 Air Services) Jens67
01/09/2012 5Y-BSS Beech 1900C- (Fly SAX) Jens67
03/10/2005 5H-OPE Cessna Caravan-208B (MAF Tanzania (Mission Aviation Fellowship)) erdni
03/10/2005 5Y-HHF Let L-410-Turbolet (Bluebird Aviation) Franzen
03/10/2005 5H-OPE Cessna Caravan-208B (MAF Tanzania (Mission Aviation Fellowship)) Franzen
02/10/2005 5Y-JJZ King Air B200 (La Pieve Ltd) erdni
02/10/2005 5Y-BMA King Air 200- (Air Traffic Ltd-Skylink Aeromanagement (K) Inc) erdni
01/10/2005 5Y-BMC King Air 200 (Skylink Aviation Inc) erdni
01/10/2005 5Y-DNT Merlin II- (Eagle Aviation France) erdni
01/10/2005 5Y-OKL Beech 1900D- (Rossair) erdni
01/10/2005 5Y-BNG Cessna Caravan-208B (MAF Kenya - Mission Aviation Fellowship) erdni
01/10/2005 6O-SBQ 690A Turbo Commander- (Private Operator) erdni
01/10/2005 5Y-VIJ Cessna Caravan-208B (Private Operator) erdni