Tromsø Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
27/07/2021 LN-WSB DHC-8-202Q (Wideroe) jetbirdme
27/07/2021 LN-RDV DHC-8-402 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
27/07/2021 LN-WIM DHC-8-103B (Wideroe) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-WSA DHC-8-202 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-WIT DHC-8-103A (Wideroe) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-WIV DHC-8-102K (Wideroe) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-WIB DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-NGZ 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-ENV 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 SE-RUE A320-251N(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-FGB 737-82R(WL) (Flyr) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 SE-DUY CRJ-100-LR (West Air Sweden) jetbirdme
25/07/2021 LN-WIL DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
09/03/2019 LN-RPR 737-883 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 LN-WDG DHC-8-402Q (Wideroe) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 LN-WIH DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 D-AIBJ A319-112 (Lufthansa) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 LN-WEA ERJ-190-E2 (ERJ-190-300 STD) (Wideroe) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 LN-WIE DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) Erazkiel
09/03/2019 LN-WFP DHC-8-311 (Wideroe) Erazkiel
13/01/2018 LN-FVC DHC-8-103 (Fly Viking) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-FVB DHC-8-103B (FlyViking) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 HB-IHZ A320-214 (Edelweiss Air) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-WIL DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-WIV DHC-8-102K (Wideroe) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 HB-JVR ERJ-190LR (ERJ-190-100 LR) (Helvetic Airways) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 D-AILK A319-114 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-WDK DHC-8-402Q (Wideroe) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-WII DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FBBHaegar
13/01/2018 LN-WDL DHC-8-402NG (Wideroe) FBBHaegar
10/01/2018 LN-FVC DHC-8-103 (Fly Viking) FBBHaegar
10/01/2018 D-AILF A319-114 (Lufthansa) FBBHaegar
28/04/2017 VP-FAZ DHC-6-300 (British Antarctic Survey) Charliesierra
07/11/2015 OY-TCI Airbus A321-211 (Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-WDI Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 (Widerøe) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-RDV Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 (Widerøe) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-NOR Boeing 737-81D (Norwegian) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-LTF Beechcraft B200 Super King Air (Lufttransport) hawaiian717
06/11/2015 LN-TUJ Boeing 737-705 (Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)) hawaiian717
06/11/2015 LN-TUD Boeing 737-705 (Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)) hawaiian717
11/09/2015 LN-WIU DHC-8-102A (Wideroe) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-WFC DHC-8-311 (Wideroe) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-RPO 737-883 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-LTC King Air B200- (Lufttransport) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-LTG King Air B200- (Lufttransport) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-TUJ 737-705(WL) (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) aerorobnz
11/09/2015 LN-WIJ DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) aerorobnz