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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
20/03/2021 N4100Q Piper-PA-28-181 () KaposiaDarcy
20/03/2021 N61MR Cessna-510 (JN Aviation LLC) KaposiaDarcy
20/03/2021 N115SP Cirrus SR-22 (Minnesota State Patrol) KaposiaDarcy
13/03/2021 N16093 Cessna-150-L () KaposiaDarcy
13/03/2021 N70TH Cessna 560 Citation-Excel (CXLH LLC) KaposiaDarcy
13/03/2021 N824PA Piper-PA-28-181 (Private owner) KaposiaDarcy
13/03/2021 N2282F Cessna-310L () KaposiaDarcy
13/03/2021 N1679H Piper-PA-28-181 () KaposiaDarcy
06/03/2021 N8723S Cessna-150F () KaposiaDarcy
06/03/2021 N16093 Cessna-150L () KaposiaDarcy
06/03/2021 N100JG Piper-PA-32R-301 () KaposiaDarcy
06/03/2021 N93M Gulfstream II (3M Company - Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing Company) KaposiaDarcy
06/03/2021 N283SR Cirrus-SR22 () KaposiaDarcy
04/08/2019 N9311N 1969 PIPER PA-28R-200 () KaposiaDarcy
29/07/2019 N5924U 1970 PIPER PA-28-140 () KaposiaDarcy
29/07/2019 14-20668 Sikorsky UH-60M (Type: S-70) () KaposiaDarcy
04/07/2019 N10V B-25H () KaposiaDarcy
04/07/2019 N5017N B-17G () KaposiaDarcy
09/04/2019 N27493 B-25J Mitchell (American Airpower Heritage Fly Museum) KaposiaDarcy
09/04/2019 N179WB King Air B200- (Flyguys Aviation LLC) KaposiaDarcy
06/01/2019 C-GXMP BD-700-1A10 Global 5000 (Flightpath Charter Airways Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 9H-GMT Dassault Falcon-900EXE (Ghana Government) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GFIG Challenger 300- (Bombardier Aerospace Corp) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GFHR Challenger 300- (Skyservice Business Aviation Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GFCB Challenger 300- (Execaire) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GDWF Challenger-604 (Partner Jet Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GDPG Global 5000- (IMP Group Ltd (Execaire)) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GDLI Challenger-601-3R (Skyservice Business Aviation Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GDJG EMB-505 Phenom 300 (Willow Bay Aviation Ltd) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GDBC Raytheon/Hawker 125-800A (Skyservice Business Aviation Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GCPM Gulfstream IV- (Barrick Gold Corporation) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GCNR Challenger-604 (Canadian National Railway Company) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GHJU Learjet 31A- (Helijet International Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GIIT CL-605- (IMP Group Ltd (Execaire)) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GIWZ 750 Citation-X (Partner Jet Inc) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 C-GJKI Dassault Falcon-2000EX (Brunswick Air LP) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 N300GP Challenger 300- (Glen West 300 (Jersey) Ltd) MYVIMAN
05/01/2019 N747KL Dassault Falcon-2000LX (TVPX ARS Solutions Inc Trustee) MYVIMAN
27/11/2018 N209JP Cessna Caravan-208/A (Abateco Inc) First1
03/11/2018 N227GJ Dassault Falcon-50 (Black Falcon LLC) KaposiaDarcy
02/04/2018 N63M Gulfstream G550- (3M Company) KaposiaDarcy
15/03/2018 N53M Gulfstream G550- (3M Company) KaposiaDarcy
05/02/2018 N799QS Challenger 350 (NetJets Sales Inc) KaposiaDarcy
05/02/2018 N640MY Pilatus PC-12- (Vermilion Aviation LLC) KaposiaDarcy
05/02/2018 N77WL Gulfstream IV- (Martin Aviation Inc) KaposiaDarcy
05/02/2018 N842PA Gulfstream IV- (Nevada Jet Holdings LLC) KaposiaDarcy
06/10/2017 N259DS Dornier 328 JET-310 (CBG LLC) First1