Opa-locka Executive Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/11/2022 9H-VDS A320-214 (Galistair Malta) Franzen
11/11/2022 YR-SEB 737-484 (Star East Airlines) Franzen
12/10/2022 N705GB C-47-A (J & E Aviation Leasing Inc) Will737
12/10/2022 N959PP 1125 Astra (MCF Leasing LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N299PR Dassault Falcon-50EX (Delaware Trust Co Trustee) Will737
12/10/2022 YV2908 IAI 1124A (Private Owner) Will737
12/10/2022 N267JR 767-238(ER) (Polaris Aviation Solutions) Will737
12/10/2022 N141FL Convair CV-340-32 (IFL Group Inc) Will737
12/10/2022 N119RM 750 Citation-X (SA Wings of Texas LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N217PT Dassault Falcon 50 (Private) Will737
12/10/2022 N3725L 390 Premier I (Shared Equip LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N18MZ Dassault Falcon-900B (Steel Partners Ltd) Will737
12/10/2022 N960HD 560 Citation-Excel (Go Air LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N352BH Gulfstream IV (GLE 1393 LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N160GG Learjet 60 (Thin Air Holding LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N504ST Dassault Falcon -900B (Private) Will737
12/10/2022 C-GBLB Global 7500 (Bombardier Inc) Will737
12/10/2022 N342GS R4Y-1/C-131F (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) Will737
12/10/2022 N138FS C-47-A (Florida Air Cargo) Will737
12/10/2022 N15MA C-47-A (IFL Group Inc) Will737
12/10/2022 N300EK 737-3H4(WL) (Aeroacq Partners LLC) Will737
12/10/2022 N345GS C-131-F (Conquest Air Cargo) Will737
12/10/2022 N343GS R4Y-1/C-131F (Great Southern Airways LLC (Miami Lakes FL)) Will737
12/10/2022 N701SE Cessna Caravan-208B (Florida Air Cargo) Will737
12/10/2022 N271SE C-47-B (Alen Aircraft Leasing) Will737
12/10/2022 N807MP AS350-B3 Ecureuil (Miami Dade Police Department) Will737
12/10/2022 HI1000 ATR 72-202(F) (Air Century) Will737
12/10/2022 N565CG Learjet 60 (Private) Will737
12/10/2022 HK-5418 737-38D (Aerosucre Colombia) Will737
17/09/2022 N480CH 737-72T(BBJ) (Crescent Heights) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N484FM Dassault Falcon-900 (Mark Solomon (Trustee)) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N147BJ Beech 400A (Bank of Utah Trustee) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N550WL 550 Citation-II (W. L. Paris Enterprises Inc) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N816QS Cessna 700 Citation-Longitude (NetJets) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N30GD Gulfstream IV (Hayden Summit Leasing LLC) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N9CU Learjet 60 (Suntrust Bank Central Florida NA) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N97SE Raytheon/Hawker 125-850XP (Spofford Air LLC) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N578CJ 525B Citation-Jet III (Gringo LLC) A320FAN
17/09/2022 XA-PMS Bombardier-Challenger 604 (Central Jets) A320FAN
17/09/2022 N300EK 737-3H4(WL) (Aeroacq Partners LLC) A320FAN
24/05/2022 N11NX Pilatus PC-12 (JS Aircraft LLC) Serge3
25/12/2021 N355RM Learjet 55- (Pedro Monsalve (Trustee)) Jens67
25/12/2021 N54CF 510 Mustang- (LMTC Leasing LLC) Jens67
25/12/2021 XB-NMS Merlin IIIB (Private Owner) Jens67
25/12/2021 N673W 560 Citation-Excel (Bank of Utah Trustee) Jens67
25/12/2021 N939RT 650 Citation-III (Toonen Aviation LLC) Jens67