Macau International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
29/12/2017 N368GW Gulfstream G650 (Bank of Utah Trustee) erdni
29/12/2017 XU-919 A321-231 (Lanmei Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MCG A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 9M-AGG A320-251N(WL) (AirAsia) erdni
29/12/2017 N788LS 737-3L9 (Las Vegas Sands Corporation) erdni
29/12/2017 VP-CDL Gulfstream G200 (Youth Sky Ltd) erdni
29/12/2017 9V-TRA A319-132 (Tigerair) erdni
29/12/2017 T7-RSP Global 6000 (Private Operator) erdni
29/12/2017 N998ZX Global 6000- (Bank of Utah Trustee) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MBM A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MCD A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 N788LS 737-3L9 (Las Vegas Sands Corporation) Franzen
29/12/2017 9M-AGG A320-251N(WL) (AirAsia) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-6841 A320-214 (Spring Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MBA A321-231 (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MAK A319-132 (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-5613 737-87L(W) (Shenzhen Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MBC A320-232 (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MBB A321-231 (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 XU-919 A321-231 (Lanmei Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 HS-BBX A320-251N(WL) (Thai AirAsia) Franzen
29/12/2017 HL8261 737-8BK(WL) (Jeju Air) Franzen
29/12/2017 HS-WEH Gulfstream V (MJets) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-1875 A320-214 (Air China) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-5632 737-85C(WL) (Xiamen Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-1807 A320-214(WL) (Spring Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MCG A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) Franzen
29/12/2017 XU-113 A320-214 (Bassaka Air) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-5280 737-75C(WL) (Xiamen Airlines) Franzen
29/12/2017 9V-TRI A320-232(WL) (Scoot) Franzen
29/12/2017 B-MBM A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MCD A321-231(WL) (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 B-6841 A320-214 (Spring Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MBA A321-231 (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MAK A319-132 (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 B-5613 737-87L(WL) (Shenzhen Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MBC A320-232 (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 B-MBB A321-231 (Air Macau) erdni
29/12/2017 HS-BBX A320-251N(WL) (Thai AirAsia) erdni
29/12/2017 HL8261 737-8BK(WL) (Jeju Air) erdni
29/12/2017 B-1875 A320-214 (Air China) erdni
29/12/2017 B-5632 737-85C(WL) (Xiamen Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 B-5499 737-85C(WL) (Xiamen Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 B-1807 A320-214(WL) (Spring Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 XU-113 A320-214 (Bassaka Air) erdni
29/12/2017 B-5280 737-75C(WL) (Xiamen Airlines) erdni
29/12/2017 N996MS Dassault Falcon-7X (Astro Air) erdni