London Gatwick Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
11/09/2021 G-UZMC A321-251NX(WL) (easyJet) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-EZWU A320-214(WL) (easyJet) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-TUMB 737-8 MAX (TUI Airways) Bish63
11/09/2021 EI-EGA 737-8AS(WL) (Ryanair) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-EZGX A320-214(WL) (easyJet) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-TUIB 787-8 Dreamliner (TUI Airways) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-OOBA 757-28A(WL) (TUI Airways) Bish63
11/09/2021 G-TUIM 787-9 Dreamliner (TUI Airways) Bish63
27/08/2021 G-EZFI A319-111 (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 EC-MKL 737-85P(WL) (Air Europa) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-EZUT A320-214 (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-EZOI A320-214(WL) (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-EZGN A319-111 (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-EZFW A319-111 (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-UZMJ A321-251NX(WL) (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
27/08/2021 G-EZGX A320-214(WL) (easyJet) DaddyAlan139
22/08/2021 CN-RNZ 737-8B6(WL) (Royal Air Maroc) Swakeleys
20/08/2021 EC-MIQ A319-111 (Vueling) DaddyAlan139
20/08/2021 D-INKY P.180 Avanti II (AirGo Flugservice GmbH) DaddyAlan139
17/08/2021 EC-NOZ A320-232 (Wizz Air) Swakeleys
13/08/2021 CN-RNJ 737-8B6(WL) (Royal Air Maroc) Swakeleys
12/08/2021 UR-PSI 737-9KV(ER)(WL) (Ukraine International Airlines) Swakeleys
08/08/2021 SP-ESD 737-8AS(WL) (Enter Air) RegimortG
04/08/2021 EC-LOP A320-214 (Vueling) Swakeleys
04/08/2021 EC-KMI A320-216 (Vueling) Swakeleys
04/08/2021 G-VYGK A330-243 (AirTanker) Swakeleys
17/07/2021 LN-NGM 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) ollym2015
11/07/2021 LN-NOD 737-8Q8(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Swakeleys
11/07/2021 SE-RRJ 737-800(WL) (Norwegian Air Sweden) Swakeleys
10/07/2021 C-GMKS 787-9 Dreamliner (WestJet) Swakeleys
10/07/2021 CS-TVF A320-251N(WL) (TAP - Air Portugal) Swakeleys
02/07/2021 EC-LQX 737-85P(WL) (Air Europa) Swakeleys
01/07/2021 LN-NGM 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Shuttle) Swakeleys
01/07/2021 SE-RPT 737-8JP(WL) (Norwegian Air Sweden) RegimortG
30/06/2021 CS-TVH A320-251N(WL) (TAP - Air Portugal) Swakeleys
04/06/2021 UR-PSJ 737-9KV(ER)(WL) (Ukraine International Airlines) ollym2015
30/05/2021 G-EZGN A319-111 (easyJet) ollym2015
30/05/2021 G-TUIL 787-9 Dreamliner (TUI Airways) ollym2015
30/05/2021 G-EZTL A320-214 (easyJet) ollym2015
30/05/2021 G-UZMI A321-251NX(WL) (easyJet) ollym2015
30/05/2021 SU-BPW A320-214 (Air Cairo) ollym2015
30/05/2021 C-GMKS 787-9 Dreamliner (WestJet) ollym2015
22/05/2021 CS-DSG Global 6000 (Executive Jet Management Europe) DanCid
14/05/2021 G-VIIP 777-236(ER) (British Airways) carl747stubbs
14/05/2021 G-TUMH 737-8 MAX (TUI Airways) carl747stubbs
14/05/2021 SU-BPV A320-214 (Air Cairo) carl747stubbs
13/05/2021 G-YMMF 777-236(ER) (British Airways) carl747stubbs