Kuwait International Airport

CityKuwait City


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
03/09/2021 A6-EGV 777-31H(ER) (Emirates) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AKM A320-251N(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AKO A320-251N(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-CBB A320-251N(WL) (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-APE A330-243 (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AKE A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AOJ 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-CBF A320-251N(WL) (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AKF A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-ANA A340-313 (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-AND A340-313 (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 N135SL ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (United Aviation) Jens67
03/09/2021 N135SK ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (United Aviation) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-CAI A320-214 (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 YI-BAC Ilyushin Il-76TD (Al-Rafidain Falcon) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-CAJ A320-214 (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
03/09/2021 9K-APF A330-841 (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
06/08/2021 9K-AKP A320-251N(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-AKN A320-251N(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-AOD 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-AOC 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 TC-JVZ 737-8F2(WL) (Turkish Airlines) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-AOH 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-CAN A320-214 (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-CAO A320-214 (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 JY-JAD 737-322 (Jordan Aviation) Jens67
02/08/2021 9K-CBE A320-251N(WL) (Jazeera Airways) Jens67
02/08/2021 A7-BAP 777-3DZ(ER) (Qatar Airways) Jens67
02/11/2020 9K-AOF 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
02/11/2020 9K-APA A330-243 (Kuwait Airways) Jens67
13/05/2020 15002 A310-304 (Royal Canadian Air Force) jcla
13/04/2020 15003 A310-304 (Royal Canadian Air Force) jcla
17/11/2019 N807MC Raytheon/Hawker 125-800SP (Golden Falcon Aviation 3 Inc (Trustee)) hamzaizourane
11/11/2018 T7-FTH A310-308 (National Legacy) eastflight
11/11/2018 HZ-AS67 A320-214(WL) (Saudi Arabian Airlines) eastflight
21/09/2018 TC-NBF A320-251N(WL) (Pegasus) PaulSuomi
26/07/2018 9K-AOA 777-269(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 SX-ABE A319-132 (Olympus Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 4L-ABI A300F4-203 (Georgian Star International) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AOC 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AKJ A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-CAP A320-214 (Jazeera Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AKH A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AKI A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AKK A320-214(WL) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 9K-AOL 777-300(ER) (Kuwait Airways) Dougiehd
26/07/2018 A9C-CA A321-231 (Gulf Air) Dougiehd