Kemi-Tornio Airport

CityKemi / Tornio


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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
02/07/2014 G-KFCA Ikarus C42 (Private Owner) andyha1
02/07/2014 XR540 Folland Knat (Private Owner) andyha1
02/07/2014 G-HLOB Cessna 172S (Goodwood Racing) andyha1
02/07/2014 N176SG 747-338 (BOU) andyha1
02/07/2014 N19UG Hawker-Siddeley HS-125-T.1 Dominie (19th Hole Inc) andyha1
02/07/2014 N389DF 737-3M8 (WFBN Wells Fargo Bank Northwest ) andyha1
02/07/2014 A9C-LI A340-313E (Gulf Air) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CFZM RJ85 (Premiair) andyha1
09/01/2013 EI-OZC A300B4-103 (Air Contractors) andyha1
09/01/2013 B-5092 737-705 (Lucky Air) andyha1
09/01/2013 B-5091 737-705 (Lucky Air) andyha1
09/01/2013 VN-A191 737-4H6 (Jetstar Pacific) andyha1
09/01/2013 VN-A190 737-4H6 (Jetstar Pacific) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CEWK Cessna 172N (Private Owner) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CHIN RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CHHA RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft Limited) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CHFE RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft Limited) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CGZB RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft Limited) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CGYU RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft Limited) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CGYR RJ85 (TTD) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-CGXS RJ85 (Falko Regional Aircraft Limited) andyha1
09/01/2013 9M-MMI 737-4H6 (Malaysia Airlines) andyha1
09/01/2013 G-MKCA 747-2B5BF (MK Airlines) andyha1
09/01/2013 EI-OZI A300B4-203 (Air Contractors) andyha1
09/01/2013 PR-MAJ A320-232 (TAM Linhas Aereas) andyha1
12/09/2012 G-CHIN RJ85 (TTD) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CHHA RJ85 (TTD) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CHFE RJ85 (TALS) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CGZB RJ85 (TALS) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CGXS RJ85 (TALS) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CFZM RJ85 (Jagson Airlines) kevin.beerbloke
12/09/2012 G-CHRZ RJ85 (South African Airlink) kevin.beerbloke
17/07/2009 G-MKGA 747-2R7F (MK Airlines) andyha1
17/07/2009 VT-EVX A310-308 (Air India) andyha1
17/07/2009 N598HS A310-304 (BOU) andyha1
17/07/2009 N767HS 767-204ER (BOU) andyha1
17/07/2009 4R-ABD A320-231 (SriLankan Airlines) andyha1
17/07/2009 VP-BBN A320-232 (Yamal Airlines) andyha1
12/06/2009 4R-ABD A320-231 (SriLankan Airlines) kevin.beerbloke
25/07/2007 G-JEBV RJ100 (TJL) kevin.beerbloke
14/07/2006 G-CDRK RJ100 (TJD) andyha1
14/07/2006 G-MJWK Huntair (Private Owner) andyha1
14/07/2006 G-MJRU MBA Tiger (Private Owner) andyha1
14/07/2006 XL592 Hawker Hunter (Private Owner) andyha1
14/07/2006 G-ARDV Piper PA22 (Private Owner) andyha1
14/07/2006 G-MOLY Piper PA22 (Private Owner) andyha1
14/07/2006 G-CDOE RJ70 (TTD) andyha1