Lanseria Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
07/03/2023 5N-MAO British Aerospace 125-700A (King Airways) Dstewy
07/03/2023 5N-MAZ British Aerospace 125-700B (King Airlines and Travel) Dstewy
07/03/2023 5R-MGX 550 Citation-Bravo (GS Aviation) Dstewy
04/04/2022 ZS-KHS Pilatus PC-12- (Adventum Aviation (Pty) Ltd) Aniseed
04/04/2022 A2-TRG Pilatus PC-12 (Private Owner) Aniseed
04/04/2022 ZS-MPD EMB-505 Phenom 300 (John McCormick Family Trust) Aniseed
23/11/2021 ZS-DJF F900B (Zenith Aviation) Tymorgz389
29/10/2021 M-ABEC ERJ-135-BJ Legacy (Carys Investment Group) Phr33Dumb
08/01/2021 5H-EWA Cessna Caravan-208/A (Tourism Consultants Ltd) photon
08/01/2021 N181CK Bombardier-Global Express () photon
08/01/2021 ZS-KUP Cessna -T210N Turbo Centurion () photon
08/01/2021 ZS-NDN Piper-PA-21-350 Chieftain () photon
26/09/2019 9H-GGG 737-7ZX(BBJ) (Maleth-Aero AOC Ltd) Davelize
26/09/2019 ZS-PFL Cessna 208B-Caravan (Razorbill Properties 249 CC) Davelize
26/09/2019 ZS-TAB Beech 1900C- (TAB Air Charter) Davelize
26/09/2019 ZS-IPE British Aerospace 125-700A (Landonia Trust CC) Davelize
17/09/2019 UR-11819 Antonov An-12-BK (Motor Sich) Hrawlings
08/05/2019 ZS-MCE King Air B200- (National Airways Corporation (Pty) Ltd) Franzen
08/05/2019 TU-GAH Beech 1900C (Unknown) Franzen
08/05/2019 ZS-THU DHC-8-102-DHC-8 (Cemair) Franzen
04/05/2019 ZS-TAE King Air 200- (TAB Charters (Pty) Ltd) Franzen
04/05/2019 ZS-LVH 208B EX Caravan I- (Leghvanh Aviation Partnership) Franzen
04/05/2019 9J-RYL EMB-120-ER (Royal Air Charter) Franzen
04/05/2019 ZS-JCT Beech 1900D- (Balmoral Central Contracts SA) Franzen
04/05/2019 5N-BTX ERJ-135BJ Legacy (Government of Nigeria) Franzen
25/02/2019 D-AUKE Challenger-604 (Challenge Air Luftverkehr GmbH) Phr33Dumb
10/10/2018 ZS-SLI 690A Turbo Commander (N414MG Partnership) photon
10/10/2018 ZS-SPB 747-SP44 (South African Airways) photon
10/10/2018 ZS-TTH Cessna 525 Citation-M2 (Private Operator) photon
10/10/2018 ZS-SRU 390 Premier I (Katzbro Premier Aviation (Pty) Ltd) photon
10/10/2018 9J-MES Cessna-337 () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-ETT Cessna-182 () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-XTC Cessna-206 () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-ERO Cessna -182 () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-OFP Cessna-402 () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-NVE Cessna -402 () photon
10/10/2018 ZT-RMM Bell -407GX () photon
10/10/2018 ZS-TFP Cessna -172 () photon
03/10/2018 ZS-ARG 551 Citation-II/SP (Bevrick (Pty) Ltd) photon
03/10/2018 9J-ONE Challenger-604 (Zambian Government) photon
03/10/2018 ZS-JRM 737-490 (FlySafair) photon
03/10/2018 ZS-ZWT 737-8K5(WL) ( photon
03/10/2018 ZS-LFW King Air B200 (King Air Services Partnership) photon
03/10/2018 ZS-STE Beech 1900D (Turbine Air Partnerships) photon
03/10/2018 ZS-MWT Commander -695B () photon
03/10/2018 ZS-AAS Beechcraft-Baron 58 () photon
03/10/2018 ZS-OHJ Piper-PA-46 Malibu Mirage () photon