Atyrau Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
16/10/2003 UN-67666 Let L410-UVP-E (Euro Asia Air) Dougiehd
15/10/2003 UN-42712 Yak-42-D (Air Kazakhstan) Dougiehd
10/04/2003 UN-47844 An-24 (Euro-Asia Air) Dougiehd
17/03/2003 N426ST Dassault Falcon-20F-5B (Storm Aviation N.V.) Dougiehd
01/03/2003 UN-46340 An-24-B (SCAT Air) Dougiehd
25/02/2003 UN-88154 Yak-40 (Air Kazakhstan) Dougiehd
25/02/2003 HA-LAK Let L410-UVP-E (Kazair West) Dougiehd
01/01/2003 UN-87271 Yak-40 (Kazair West) Dougiehd
08/10/2002 UN-65619 Tu-134-A (Atyrau Air Ways) Dougiehd
08/10/2002 UN-76374 Il-76-TD (Russian Sky Airlines) Dougiehd
08/10/2002 UN-27182 Mil Mi-8 (Euro-Asia Air) Dougiehd
07/10/2002 UN-67611 Let L-410-UVP Turbolet (Kazair West) Dougiehd
07/10/2002 UN-46368 An-24 (SCAT Air) Dougiehd
07/10/2002 UN-87337 Yak-40 (Atyrau Airways) Dougiehd
06/08/2002 UN-65070 Tu-134-A-3 (Atyrau Air Ways) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 UN-19433 Kamov 26 (Unknown) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 CCCP-25415 An-2 (Aeroflot - Soviet Airlines) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 UN-70744 An-2-R (Atyrau Airways) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 UN-46412 An-24-B (Air Kazakhstan) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 UN-47736 An-24-B (Yuzhnaya Aircompany) Dougiehd
05/08/2002 UN-47737 An-24-B (Atyrau Airways) Dougiehd
04/08/2002 UN-47270 An-24-B (SCAT Air) Dougiehd
04/08/2002 RA-65770 Tu-134-A-3 (Aeroflot - Russian Airlines) Dougiehd
04/08/2002 UN-65069 Tu-134-A (Atyrau Air Ways) Dougiehd