Bristol Filton Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
17/07/2022 XL824 Bristol-Sycamore HR.14 (Royal Air Force) b318isp
17/07/2022 BAPC 38 () b318isp
17/07/2022 BAPC 386G-ALBN () b318isp
17/07/2022 ZK-EPG () b318isp
17/07/2022 9048 () b318isp
17/07/2022 A1742 () b318isp
17/07/2022 A-7288 () b318isp
17/07/2022 NZ5911 () b318isp
17/07/2022 XF785 () b318isp
24/09/2021 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) ben.bumford25
18/04/2019 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) Eddyag
18/04/2019 G-ALRX Bristol Britannia-101 (Ministry of Supply) Eddyag
18/04/2019 ZD610 British Aerospace Sea Harrier-F/A.2 (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 BAPC.38 Bristol Scout-D (Replica) (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 BAPC.87 Bristol 46A-Babe III (Replica) (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 BAPC.392 British Aerospace 146-RJX100 (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 BAPC.463 Bristol 156 Beaufighter-IIF (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 BAPC.496 Bristol Fighter-F.2B (Replica) (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
18/04/2019 XF785 Bristol 173-Srs.1 (Aerospace Bristol) Eddyag
14/02/2019 F-WBXL A330-743L Beluga XL (Airbus Transport International) gasheadsteve
30/07/2018 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) YMHBSpotter
30/07/2018 G-ALRX Bristol Britannia-101 (Ministry of Supply) YMHBSpotter
18/01/2018 G-ALRX Bristol Britannia-101 (Ministry of Supply) toxic121
18/01/2018 ZD610 Sea Harrier FA.2 (Bristol Aerospace Centre) toxic121
18/01/2018 XL824 Bristol-Sycamore HR.14 (Bristol Aerospace Centre) toxic121
18/01/2018 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) toxic121
31/12/2017 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) gasheadsteve
31/12/2017 G-ALRX Bristol Britannia-101 (Ministry of Supply) gasheadsteve
25/11/2017 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) BW63
25/11/2017 ZD610 Sea Harrier-FA.2 (Royal Navy) BW63
25/11/2017 G-ALRX Bristol Britannia-101 (Ministry of Supply) BW63
25/11/2017 G-GWAC EC-135-T2+ (Babcock Mission Critical Services Onshore Ltd) BW63
25/11/2017 8021M Bristol Sycamore HR14 (Aerospace Bristol) BW63
25/11/2017 BAPC.386 Bristol F.2B Fighter Replica (Aerospace Bristol) BW63
25/11/2017 BAPC.38 Bristol Scout D Replica (Aerospace Bristol) BW63
25/11/2017 7648M Bristol 173 Srs.1 (Aerospace Bristol) BW63
04/11/2017 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) Kyleshelley1995
10/12/2016 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) First1
02/12/2016 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) Devon Spotter
03/11/2016 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) Airbusyoung
26/01/2016 G-BOAF Concorde-102 (British Airways) DaveSpotter
11/10/2015 XH558 Vulcan-B2 (Royal Air Force) gasheadsteve
21/12/2012 G-ASSS Cessna 172E Skyhawk () thedouth
21/12/2012 G-BBXW Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior (EGGD Aero Club) thedouth
21/12/2012 G-BHAD Cessna A.152 (Shropshire Aero Club Ltd) thedouth
21/12/2012 G-BSEF Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee B () thedouth
21/12/2012 G-BUVA Piper PA-22-135 Tri-Pacer (KENNETH WARREN THOMAS / OAKSEY VA GROUP) thedouth