Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
04/03/2018 VT-PPO A321-211 (Air India) Tosca
04/03/2018 VT-SCK A319-112 (Air India) Tosca
04/03/2018 HS-TJW 777-2D7(ER) (Thai Airways International) Tosca
04/03/2018 9M-AJE A320-216(WL) (AirAsia) Tosca
04/03/2018 A7-BCX 787-8 Dreamliner (Qatar Airways) Tosca
17/02/2018 VT-APJ A320-216 (AirAsia India) arjunsarup
24/01/2018 VT-ITK A320-271N(WL) (IndiGo) arjunsarup
17/01/2018 VT-IDQ A320-232 (IndiGo) arjunsarup
13/12/2017 VT-PPE A321-211 (Air India) arjunsarup
13/12/2017 VT-JFF 737-8AL(WL) (Jet Airways) arjunsarup
13/12/2017 VT-SZL 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (SpiceJet) arjunsarup
28/11/2017 VT-DEL A320-214 (AirAsia India) arjunsarup
28/11/2017 VT-ITP A320-271N(WL) (IndiGo) arjunsarup
16/11/2017 VT-ANS 787-8 Dreamliner (Air India) arjunsarup
16/11/2017 VT-IEY A320-232 (IndiGo) arjunsarup
16/11/2017 VT-IFR A320-232 (IndiGo) arjunsarup
16/11/2017 VT-GOI A320-214 (GoAir) arjunsarup
16/11/2017 VT-SUI DHC-8-402Q (SpiceJet) arjunsarup
29/06/2017 VT-SLK King Air 65-C90A (Alchemist Ltd) sandilya
04/04/2017 VT-DIP Super King Air B200GT (Ms. Indrani Patnaik) Dougiehd
04/04/2017 VT-AXP 737-8HG(WL) (Air India Express) Dougiehd
04/04/2017 VT-SUI DHC-8-402Q (SpiceJet) Dougiehd
04/04/2017 VT-EGJ 737-2A8 (Air India) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-NER Dornier 228-212 (Northeast Shuttles (Pvt)) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-EIO Dornier 228-201 (Northeast Shuttles (Pvt)) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-SCB A319-112 (Air India) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 S2-AJC 737-8Q8(WL) (US-Bangla Airlines) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 S2-AIH 737-86N (Regent Airways) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 M-ABJM ATR 72-202 (N.D.R. Warehousing Private Ltd) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-JFP 737-8AL(WL) (Jet Airways) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 TS552 Mig 27 (Indian Air Force) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-IEA A320-232 (IndiGo) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-IEN A320-232 (IndiGo) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-WAI A320-214 (GoAir) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-ITB A320-271N(WL) (IndiGo) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-ITG A320-271N(WL) (IndiGo) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 A6-EFD 777-F1H (Emirates) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-JCM ATR 72-500 (72-212A) (Jet Airways) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-YSF King Air 65-C90GTi (Yazdani International Pvt. Ltd) Dougiehd
08/03/2017 VT-BDO 757-204 (Blue Dart Aviation) Dougiehd
11/02/2017 VT-NER Dornier 228-212 (Northeast Shuttles (Pvt)) arjunsarup
11/02/2017 VT-JFD 737-8AL(WL) (Jet Airways) arjunsarup
11/02/2017 VT-SJJ 737-8K9 (JetKonnect) arjunsarup
11/02/2017 VT-SGB 737-9GJ(ER)(WL) (SpiceJet) arjunsarup
11/02/2017 VT-PPA A321-211 (Air India) arjunsarup
10/12/2016 VT-SLA 737-7GL(WL) (SpiceJet) arjunsarup
12/11/2016 VT-JGA 737-85R (Jet Airways) arjunsarup