Bodø Airport



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Recent Visitors

Date Reg Aircraft Spotted By
10/07/2018 LN-WIF DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
10/07/2018 LN-WIA DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) jetbirdme
13/07/2017 LN-WSA DHC-8-202 (Wideroe) racingaksel
13/07/2017 LN-WIR DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) racingaksel
13/07/2017 LN-WIN DHC-8-103B (Wideroe) racingaksel
13/07/2017 SE-LHZ Bae ATP- (West Air Sweden) racingaksel
07/11/2015 LN-WIC Bombardier Dash 8-103 (Widerøe) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-WIB Bombardier Dash 8-103 (Widerøe) hawaiian717
07/11/2015 LN-RDY Bombardier Dash 8-Q402 (Widerøe) hawaiian717
16/06/2012 LN-WIC DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) toftos
16/06/2012 LN-WIA DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) toftos
16/06/2012 LN-WDJ DHC-8-402Q (Wideroe) toftos
16/06/2012 LN-RPH 737-683 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) toftos
01/06/2012 SAC 01 C-17A Globemaster III (NATO Strategic Airlift Capability) toftos
31/08/2001 LN-WIO DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
31/08/2001 LN-WIK DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
31/08/2001 OY-KKR 737-783 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-BRE 737-405 (Braathens) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-WIM DHC-8-103B (Wideroe) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-WIR DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-MOG King Air B200- (Lufttransport A-S-Statens Luftambulanse) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-MOA King Air 200- (A-S Morefly) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-RNE Fokker 50- (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-RNB Fokker 50- (SAS Norlink) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-RNC Fokker 50- (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-RND Fokker 50- (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-WIH DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-WIG DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
28/08/2001 LN-WIL DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
27/08/2001 LN-WIF DHC-8-103 (Wideroe) FerryPNL
23/08/1986 OY-TRR Cessna F172M Skyhawk (Jan Kofod Winther) seapaddler
23/08/1986 LN-WFF DHC-6-300 (Wideroe) seapaddler
23/08/1986 LN-WFK DHC-7-102 (Wideroe) seapaddler
23/08/1986 LN-BNH DHC-6-300 (Wideroe) seapaddler
23/08/1986 SE-DAT DC-9-41 (SAS Scandinavian Airlines) seapaddler