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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AEH Abeche Airport , TD view
AMC Am Timan Airport Am Timan, TD view
ATV Ati Airport Ati, TD view
BKR Bokoro Airport Bokoro, TD view
OTC Bol Airport Bol, TD view
OGR Bongor Airport Bongor, TD view
OUT Bousso Airport Bousso, TD view
FYT Faya Largeau Airport , TD view
LTC Lai Airport Lai, TD view
AMO Mao Airport Mao, TD view
MVO Mongo Airport Mongo, TD view
MQQ Moundou Airport , TD view
NDJ N'Djamena International Airport N'Djamena, TD view
PLF Pala Airport Pala, TD view
SRH Sarh Airport Sarh, TD view
AKM Zakuoma Airport ZaKouma, TD view