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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AGH Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport Ängelholm, SE view
ORB Örebro Airport Örebro, SE view
OER ├ûrnsk├Âldsvik Airport ├ûrnsk├Âldsvik, SE view
OSD Östersund Airport Östersund, SE view
AJR Arvidsjaur Airport Arvidsjaur, SE view
BLE Borlange Airport , SE view
EKT Eskilstuna Airport Eskilstuna, SE view
GEV Gällivare Airport Gällivare, SE view
GVX Gävle Sandviken Airport Gävle / Sandviken, SE view
GSE Gothenburg City Airport Gothenburg, SE view
GOT Gothenburg-Landvetter Airport Gothenburg, SE view
XWP Hässleholm Bokeberg Airport Hässleholm, SE view
HFS Hagfors Airport , SE view
HAD Halmstad Airport Halmstad, SE view
HMV Hemavan Airport , SE view
HUV Hudiksvall Airport Hudiksvall, SE view
HLF Hultsfred Airport , SE view
IDB Idre Airport Idre, SE view
JKG J├Ânk├Âping Airport J├Ânk├Âping, SE view
KLR Kalmar Airport , SE view
KSK Karlskoga Airport , SE view
KSD Karlstad Airport Karlstad, SE view
KRN Kiruna Airport , SE view
KRF Kramfors Sollefteå Airport Kramfors / Sollefteå, SE view
KID Kristianstad Airport Kristianstad, SE view
LDK Lidk├Âping-Hovby Airport Lidk├Âping, SE view
LPI Link├Âping City Airport Link├Âping, SE view
LLA Luleå Airport Luleå, SE view
LYC Lycksele Airport , SE view
MMX Malm├ Sturup Airport Malm├Â, SE view
MXX Mora Airport , SE view
NRK Norrk├Âping Airport Norrk├Âping, SE view
OSK Oskarshamn Airport , SE view
PJA Pajala Airport , SE view
RNB Ronneby Airport , SE view
SOO S├Âderhamn Airport S├Âderhamn, SE view
KVB Sk├Âvde Airport Sk├Âvde, SE view
SFT Skellefteå Airport Skellefteå, SE view
NYO Stockholm Skavsta Airport Stockholm / Nyk├Âping, SE view
VST Stockholm Västerås Airport Stockholm / Västerås, SE view
ARN Stockholm-Arlanda Airport Stockholm, SE view
BMA Stockholm-Bromma Airport Stockholm, SE view
SQO Storuman Airport , SE view
SDL Sundsvall-H├ñrn├Âsand Airport Sundsvall/ H├ñrn├Âsand, SE view
EVG Sveg Airport , SE view
TYF Torsby Airport , SE view
THN Trollhättan-Vänersborg Airport Trollhättan, SE view
UME Umeå Airport Umeå, SE view
VVK Västervik Airport Västervik, SE view
VXO V├ñxj├ Kronoberg Airport V├ñxj├Â, SE view
VHM Vilhelmina Airport , SE view
VBY Visby Airport Visby, SE view