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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AFT Afutara Aerodrome Bila, SB view
ANH Anuha Island Resort Airport Anhua Island, SB view
AKS Auki Airport Auki, SB view
AVU Avu Avu Airport , SB view
MBU Babanakira Airport Mbambanakira, SB view
BAS Ballalae Airport Ballalae, SB view
VEV Barakoma Airport Barakoma, SB view
BPF Batuna Aerodrome Batuna Mission Station, SB view
BNY Bellona/Anua Airport Anua, SB view
CHY Choiseul Bay Airport , SB view
FRE Fera/Maringe Airport Fera Island, SB view
GTA Gatokae Airport Gatokae, SB view
GEF Geva Airport Liangia, SB view
HIR Honiara International Airport Honiara, SB view
KGE Kagau Island Airport Kagau Island, SB view
KWS Kwailabesi Airport Kwailabesi, SB view
RUS Marau Airport Marau, SB view
MNY Mono Airport Stirling Island, SB view
MUA Munda Airport , SB view
NAZ Nana Airport Star Harbor, SB view
IRA Ngorangora Airport Kirakira, SB view
GZO Nusatupe Airport Gizo, SB view
OTV Ontong Java Atoll Airstrip Ontong Java Atoll, SB view
PRS Parasi Airport Parasi, SB view
RBV Ramata Airport Ramata, SB view
RNL Rennell/Tingoa Airport Rennell Island, SB view
RIN Ringi Cove Airport Ringi Cove, SB view
NNB Santa Ana Airport Santa Ana Island, SB view
SCZ Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova Airport Santa Cruz/Graciosa Bay/Luova, SB view
EGM Sege Airport Sege, SB view
VAO Suavanao Airport Suavanao, SB view
TLG Tulaghi Heliport Tulaghi Island, SB view
RNA Ulawa Airport Arona, SB view
ATD Uru Harbour Airport Atoifi, SB view
VIU Viru Harbour Airstrip Viru, SB view
XYA Yandina Airport Yandina, SB view