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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AES Ålesund Airport Ålesund, NO view
ALF Alta Airport Alta, NO view
ANX Andøya Airport Andenes, NO view
LKL Banak Airport Lakselv, NO view
BDU Bardufoss Airport Målselv, NO view
BJF Båtsfjord Airport Båtsfjord, NO view
BGO Bergen Airport, Flesland Bergen, NO view
BVG Berlevåg Airport Berlevåg, NO view
BOO Bodø Airport Bodø, NO view
FDE Bringeland Airport Førde, NO view
BNN Brønnøysund Airport Brønnøy, NO view
VDB Fagernes Airport Leirin, NO view
FRO Florø Airport Florø, NO view
DLD Geilo Airport Dagali Dagali, NO view
GLL Gol Airport Klanten, NO view
HFT Hammerfest Airport Hammerfest, NO view
EVE Harstad/Narvik Harstad, NO view
HAA Hasvik Airport Hasvik, NO view
HAU Haugesund Airport Karmøy, NO view
QKX Kautokeino Air Base , NO view
KKN Kirkenes Airport Høybuktmoen, NO view
KRS Kristiansand Airport Kjevik, NO view
KSU Kristiansund Airport Kristiansund, NO view
LKN Leknes Airport Leknes, NO view
FAN Lista Airport Farsund, NO view
MEH Mehamn Airport Mehamn, NO view
MQN Mo i Rana Airport Mo i Rana, NO view
MOL Molde Airport Molde, NO view
RYG Moss Airport Rygge, NO view
OSY Namsos Høknesøra Airport Namsos, NO view
NVK Narvik Framnes Airport Narvik, NO view
NTB Notodden Airport , NO view
OLA Ørland Airport Ørland, NO view
HOV Ørsta–Volda Airport Hovden, NO view
FBU Oslo Fornebu Airport Oslo, NO view
OSL Oslo Gardermoen Airport Oslo, NO view
RRS Røros Airport Røros, NO view
RVK Rørvik Airport Rørvik, NO view
RET Røst Airport Røst, NO view
SDN Sandane Airport Sandane, NO view
TRF Sandefjord Airport Torp, NO view
SSJ Sandnessjøen Airport Sandnessjøen, NO view
SKE Skien Airport Geiteryggen, NO view
SOG Sogndal Airport Sogndal, NO view
SOJ Sørkjosen Airport Sørkjosen, NO view
HMR Stafsberg Airport Hamar, NO view
SVG Stavanger Airport Sola, Stavanger, NO view
SKN Stokmarknes Skagen Airport Hadsel, NO view
SRP Stord Airport Leirvik, NO view
LYR Svalbard Airport Longyearbyen, NO view
SVJ Svolvær Helle Airport Svolvær, NO view
TOS Tromsø Airport Tromsø, NO view
TRD Trondheim Airport Trondheim, NO view
VDS Vadsø Airport Vadsø, NO view
VRY Værøy Heliport Værøy, NO view
HVG Valan Airport Honningsvåg, NO view
VAW Vardø Airport Svartnes, NO view