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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
BGH Abbaye Airport Boghe, MR view
AEO Aioun el Atrouss Airport Aioun El Atrouss, MR view
AJJ Akjoujt Airport Akjoujt, MR view
ATR Atar International Airport Atar, MR view
OTL Boutilimit Airport Boutilimit, MR view
FGD Fderik Airport Fderik, MR view
KED Ka├®di Airport Ka├®di, MR view
KFA Kiffa Airport Kiffa, MR view
MOM Letfotar Airport Moudjeria, MR view
EMN N├®ma Airport N├®ma, MR view
NDB Nouadhibou International Airport Nouadhibou, MR view
NKC Nouakchott International Airport Nouakchott, MR view
SEY S├®libaby Airport S├®libaby, MR view
THT Tamchakett Airport Tamchakett, MR view
OUZ Tazadit Airport Zou├®rate, MR view
THI Tichitt Airport Tichitt, MR view
TIY Tidjikja Airport Tidjikja, MR view
TMD Timbedra Airport Timbedra, MR view