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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
ULG Ölgii Airport Ölgii, MN view
UNR ├ûnd├Ârkhaan Airport ├ûnd├Ârkhaan, MN view
LTI Altai Airport Altai, MN view
AVK Arvaikheer Airport Arvaikheer, MN view
UUN Baruun Urt Airport , MN view
BYN Bayankhongor Airport Bayankhongor, MN view
UGT Bulagtai Resort Airport Umnugobitour, MN view
UGA Bulgan Airport Bulgan, MN view
HBU Bulgan Sum Airport , MN view
ULN Chinggis Khaan International Airport Ulan Bator, MN view
COQ Choibalsan Airport , MN view
DLZ Dalanzadgad Airport Dalanzadgad, MN view
ULZ Donoi Airport Uliastai, MN view
ERT Erdenet Airport Erdenet, MN view
KHR Kharkhorin Airport , MN view
HTM Khatgal Airport Hatgal, MN view
HVD Khovd Airport Khovd, MN view
HJT Khujirt Airport Khujirt, MN view
MXV M├Âr├Ân Airport M├Âr├Ân, MN view
MXW Mandalgobi Airport Mandalgobi, MN view
TNZ Tosontsengel Airport Tosontsengel, MN view
TSZ Tselserleg Airport Tselserleg, MN view
ULO Ulaangom Airport , MN view
ULG Ulgii Mongolei Airport , MN view