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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AIP Ailinglaplap Airport Bigatyelang Island, MH view
AIM Ailuk Airport Ailuk Island, MH view
AUL Aur Island Airport Aur Atoll, MH view
KWA Bucholz Army Air Field Kwajalein, MH view
EBN Ebadon Airport Ebadon Island, MH view
EAL Elenak Airport Mejato Island, MH view
ENT Eniwetok Airport Eniwetok Atoll, MH view
BII Enyu Airfield Bikini Atoll, MH view
JAT Jabot Airport Ailinglapalap Atoll, MH view
UIT Jaluit Airport Jabor Jaluit Atoll, MH view
JEJ Jeh Airport Ailinglapalap Atoll, MH view
KBT Kaben Airport Kaben, MH view
KIO Kili Airport Kili Island, MH view
LML Lae Island Airport Lae Island, MH view
LIK Likiep Airport Likiep Island, MH view
MJE Majkin Airport Majkin, MH view
MAV Maloelap Island Airport Maloelap Island, MH view
MAJ Marshall Islands International Airport Majuro Atoll, MH view
MJB Mejit Atoll Airport Mejit Atoll, MH view
MIJ Mili Island Airport Mili Island, MH view
NDK Namorik Atoll Airport Namorik Atoll, MH view
RNP Rongelap Island Airport Rongelap Island, MH view
TBV Tabal Airstrip Tabal Island, MH view
TIC Tinak Airport Arno Atoll, MH view
UJE Ujae Atoll Airport Ujae Atoll, MH view
UTK Utirik Airport Utirik Island, MH view
WJA Woja Airport Woja, MH view
WTO Wotho Island Airport Wotho Island, MH view
WTE Wotje Atoll Airport Wotje Atoll, MH view