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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
QUN A-306 Airport Chun Chon City, KR view
CJJ Cheongju International Airport Cheongju, KR view
TAE Daegu Airport Daegu, KR view
KAG Gangneung Airport , KR view
PUS Gimhae International Airport Busan, KR view
GMP Gimpo International Airport Seoul, KR view
KWJ Gwangju Airport Gwangju, KR view
ICN Incheon International Airport Seoul, KR view
CJU Jeju International Airport Jeju City, KR view
CHN Jeon Ju Airport Jeon Ju, KR view
CHF Jinhae Airport Jinhae, KR view
KUV Kunsan Air Base Kunsan, KR view
MPK Mokpo Airport Mokpo, KR view
MWX Muan International Airport , KR view
OSN Osan Air Base , KR view
KPO Pohang Airport Pohang, KR view
HIN Sacheon Air Base Sacheon, KR view
SSN Seoul Air Base , KR view
SHO Sokcho Airport , KR view
SWU Suwon Airport , KR view
UJN Uljin Airport Uljin, KR view
USN Ulsan Airport Ulsan, KR view
WJU Wonju Airport Wonju, KR view
YNY Yangyang International Airport Sokcho / Gangneung, KR view
YEC Yecheon Airport , KR view
RSU Yeosu Airport Yeosu, KR view