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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
AGJ Aguni Airport Aguni, JP view
AXT Akita Airport Akita, JP view
ASJ Amami Airport Amami, JP view
AOJ Aomori Airport Aomori, JP view
AKJ Asahikawa Airport Asahikawa / Hokkaidō, JP view
NJA Atsugi Naval Air Facility , JP view
NGO Chubu Centrair International Airport Tokoname, JP view
FUJ Fukue Airport Goto, JP view
FKJ Fukui Airport , JP view
FUK Fukuoka Airport Fukuoka, JP view
FKS Fukushima Airport Sukagawa, JP view
QGU Gifu Airport Gifu, JP view
HAC Hachijojima Airport Hachijojima, JP view
HHE Hachinohe Airport , JP view
HKD Hakodate Airport Hakodate, JP view
HNA Hanamaki Airport , JP view
HTR Hateruma Airport Hateruma, JP view
HIJ Hiroshima Airport Hiroshima, JP view
HIW Hiroshimanishi Airport , JP view
IBR Hyakuri Airport Omitama, JP view
IEJ Ie Jima Airport Ie, JP view
IKI Iki Airport Iki, JP view
ISG Ishigaki Airport Ishigaki, JP view
IWJ Iwami Airport Masuda, JP view
IWO Iwo Jima Airport , JP view
IZO Izumo Airport Izumo, JP view
KCZ Kōchi Ryōma Airport Nankoku, JP view
DNA Kadena Air Base , JP view
KOJ Kagoshima Airport Kagoshima, JP view
KIX Kansai International Airport Osaka, JP view
KJP Kerama Airport Kerama, JP view
KKX Kikai Airport Kikai, JP view
KTD Kitadaito Airport Kitadaitōjima, JP view
KKJ Kitakyūshū Airport Kitakyūshū, JP view
UKB Kobe Airport Kobe, JP view
KMQ Komatsu Airport Kanazawa, JP view
KMJ Kumamoto Airport Kumamoto, JP view
UEO Kumejima Airport , JP view
KUH Kushiro Airport Kushiro, JP view
MMJ Matsumoto Airport Matsumoto, JP view
MYJ Matsuyama Airport Matsuyama, JP view
MMB Memanbetsu Airport Ōzora, JP view
YGJ Miho Yonago Airport Yonago, JP view
MUS Minami Torishima Airport , JP view
MMD Minami-Daito Airport Minamidaitō, JP view
MSJ Misawa Air Base Misawa, JP view
MYE Miyakejima Airport Miyakejima, JP view
MMY Miyako Airport Miyako City, JP view
KMI Miyazaki Airport Miyazaki, JP view
MBE Monbetsu Airport Monbetsu, JP view
FSZ Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport Makinohara / Shimada, JP view
NGS Nagasaki Airport Nagasaki, JP view
NKM Nagoya Airport Nagoya, JP view
OKA Naha Airport Naha, JP view
SHB Nakashibetsu Airport Nakashibetsu, JP view
SHM Nanki Shirahama Airport Shirahama, JP view
NRT Narita International Airport Tokyo, JP view
CTS New Chitose Airport Chitose / Tomakomai, JP view
TNE New Tanegashima Airport Tanegashima, JP view
KIJ Niigata Airport Niigata, JP view
NTQ Noto Airport Wajima, JP view
ONJ Odate Noshiro Airport Odate, JP view
OIT Oita Airport Oita, JP view
OKD Okadama Airport Sapporo, JP view
OKJ Okayama Airport Okayama City, JP view
OKI Oki Airport Okinoshima, JP view
OKE Okierabu Airport Okinoerabujima, JP view
OIR Okushiri Airport Okushiri Island, JP view
ITM Osaka International Airport Osaka, JP view
OIM Oshima Airport Izu Oshima, JP view
RBJ Rebun Airport Rebun, JP view
RIS Rishiri Airport Rishiri, JP view
SDS Sado Airport Sado, JP view
HSG Saga Airport Saga, JP view
SDJ Sendai Airport Sendai, JP view
SHI Shimojishima Airport Shimojishima, JP view
SYO Shonai Airport Shonai, JP view
TJH Tajima Airport Tajima, JP view
TAK Takamatsu Airport Takamatsu, JP view
TRA Tarama Airport Tarama, JP view
OBO Tokachi-Obihiro Airport Obihiro, JP view
TKN Tokunoshima Airport Tokunoshima, JP view
TKS Tokushima Airport Tokushima, JP view
QXO Tokyo Heliport Tokyo, JP view
HND Tokyo International Airport Tokyo, JP view
TTJ Tottori Airport Tottori, JP view
TOY Toyama Airport Toyama, JP view
TSJ Tsushima Airport Tsushima, JP view
QUT Utsunomiya Airport , JP view
WKJ Wakkanai Airport Wakkanai, JP view
KUM Yakushima Airport Yakushima, JP view
GAJ Yamagata Airport Yamagata, JP view
UBJ Yamaguchi Ube Airport Ube, JP view
OKO Yokota Air Base Fussa, JP view
OGN Yonaguni Airport , JP view
RNJ Yoron Airport Yoronjima, JP view