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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
TEY ├×ingeyri Airport ├×ingeyri, IS view
IFJ ├ìsafj├Âr├░ur Airport ├ìsafj├Âr├░ur, IS view
OFJ ├ôlafsfj├Âr├░ur Airport ├ôlafsfj├Âr├░ur, IS view
AEY Akureyri Airport Akureyri, IS view
BQD B├║├░ardalur Airport B├║├░ardalur, IS view
BJD Bakkafj├Âr├░ur Airport Bakkafj├Âr├░ur, IS view
BIU Bildudalur Airport Bildudalur, IS view
BGJ Borgarfj├Âr├░ur eystri Airport Borgarfj├Âr├░ur eystri, IS view
BXV Breiðdalsvík Airport Breiðdalsvík, IS view
DJU Dj├║pivogur Airport Dj├║pivogur, IS view
EGS Egilssta├░ir Airport Egilssta├░ir, IS view
FAS F├ískr├║├░sfj├Âr├░ur Airport F├ískr├║├░sfj├Âr├░ur, IS view
FAG FagurhólsmÛri Airport FagurhólsmÛri, IS view
GJR Gj├Âgur Airport Gj├Âgur, IS view
GRY Grímsey Airport Grímsey, IS view
GUU Grundarfj├Âr├░ur Airport Grundarfj├Âr├░ur, IS view
HVK Hólmavík Airport Hólmavík, IS view
BLO Hjaltabakki Airport Bl├Ându├│s, IS view
FLI Holt Airport Flateyri, IS view
HFN Hornafjordur Airport Hornafjordur, IS view
HZK Husavik Airport Husavik, IS view
HLO Ingjaldssan├░ur Airport Onundarfj├Âr├░ur, IS view
OPA K├│pasker Airport K├│pasker, IS view
KEF Keflavik International Airport Reykjavík, IS view
HVM Kr├│ksta├░armelar Airport Hvammstangi, IS view
NOR Nor├░fj├Âr├░ur Airport Nor├░fj├Âr├░ur, IS view
PFJ Patreksfjordur Airport Patreksfjordur, IS view
RFN Raufarh├Âfn Airport Raufarh├Âfn, IS view
RHA Reykh├│lar Airport Reykh├│lar, IS view
MVA Reykjahlíð Airport Myvatn, IS view
RKV Reykjavik Airport Reykjavik, IS view
OLI Rif Airport Rif, IS view
SAK Sauðárkrókur Airport Sauðárkrókur, IS view
THO Sau├░anes Airport , IS view
SIJ Siglufjordur Airport Siglufjordur, IS view
SYK Stykkish├│lmur Airport Stykkish├│lmur, IS view
TLK T├ílknafj├Âr├░ur Airport T├ílknafj├Âr├░ur, IS view
THO Thorshofn Airport Thorshofn, IS view
VEY Vestmannaeyjar Airport Vestmannaeyjar, IS view
VPN Vopnafj├Âr├░ur Airport Vopnafj├Âr├░ur, IS view