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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
ENF Enontekio Airport Enontekio, FI view
QVE Forssa Airport Forssa, FI view
KEV Halli Airport Halli / Kuorevesi, FI view
HEM Helsinki Malmi Airport Helsinki, FI view
HEL Helsinki Vantaa Airport Helsinki, FI view
HYV Hyvinkaa Airport , FI view
IVL Ivalo Airport Ivalo, FI view
JOE Joensuu Airport Joensuu / Liperi, FI view
JYV Jyvaskyla Airport Jyväskylän Maalaiskunta, FI view
KAJ Kajaani Airport Kajaani, FI view
KHJ Kauhajoki Airport , FI view
KAU Kauhava Airport Kauhava, FI view
KEM Kemi-Tornio Airport Kemi / Tornio, FI view
KTQ Kitee Airport , FI view
KTT Kittila Airport Kittila, FI view
KOK Kruunupyy Airport Kokkola / Kruunupyy, FI view
KUO Kuopio Airport Kuopio / Siilinjärvi, FI view
KAO Kuusamo Airport Kuusamo, FI view
QLF Lahti Vesivehmaa Airport , FI view
LPP Lappeenranta Airport Lappeenranta, FI view
MHQ Mariehamn Airport , FI view
MIK Mikkeli Airport Mikkeli, FI view
OUL Oulu Airport Oulu / Oulunsalo, FI view
POR Pori Airport Pori, FI view
RVN Rovaniemi Airport Rovaniemi, FI view
SVL Savonlinna Airport Savonlinna, FI view
SJY Seinäjoki Airport Seinäjoki / Ilmajoki, FI view
SOT Sodankyla Airport Sodankyla, FI view
TMP Tampere-Pirkkala Airport Tampere / Pirkkala, FI view
TKU Turku Airport Turku, FI view
UTI Utti Air Base Utti / Valkeala, FI view
VAA Vaasa Airport Vaasa, FI view
VRK Varkaus Airport Varkaus / Joroinen, FI view
YLI Ylivieska Airport , FI view