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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
BTB Betou Airport Betou, CG view
BOE Boundji Airport Boundji, CG view
DJM Djambala Airport Djambala, CG view
EWO Ewo Airport Ewo, CG view
GMM Gamboma Airport Gamboma, CG view
ION Impfondo Airport Impfondo, CG view
KEE Kelle Airport Kelle, CG view
KNJ Kindamba Airport Kindamba, CG view
LCO Lague Airport Lague, CG view
KMK Makabana Airport Makabana, CG view
MKJ Makoua Airport Makoua, CG view
BZV Maya-Maya Airport Brazzaville, CG view
MSX Mossendjo Airport Mossendjo, CG view
MUY Mouyondzi Airport Mouyondzi, CG view
DIS Ngot Nzoungou Airport Dolisie, CG view
OKG Okoyo Airport Okoyo, CG view
OUE Ouesso Airport , CG view
FTX Owando Airport Owando, CG view
PNR Pointe Noire Airport Pointe Noire, CG view
SIB Sibiti Airport Sibiti, CG view
SOE Souanke Airport Souanke, CG view
NKY Yokangassi Airport Nkayi, CG view
ANJ Zanaga Airport Zanaga, CG view