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The following airports were found:

Code Name Location  
OAI Bagram Air Base Bagram, AF view
BIN Bamiyan Airport Bamiyan, AF view
BST Bost Airport Bost, AF view
OAZ Camp Bastion Airport , AF view
CCN Chakcharan Airport Chakcharan, AF view
DAZ Darwaz Airport Darwaz, AF view
DWR Dywer Airbase Camp Dwyer, AF view
FBD Faizabad Airport Faizabad, AF view
FAH Farah Airport Farah, AF view
HEA Herat Airport , AF view
JAA Jalalabad Airport , AF view
KBL Kabul International Airport Kabul, AF view
KDH Kandahar Airport , AF view
KHT Khost Airport Khost, AF view
KWH Khwahan Airport Khwahan, AF view
UND Konduz Airport , AF view
MMZ Maimana Airport , AF view
MZR Mazar I Sharif Airport , AF view
LQN Qala-I-Naw Airport Qala-I-Naw, AF view
OLR Salerno Landing Zone Airport , AF view
OAA Shank Air Base , AF view
OAS Sharana Airstrip Sharana, AF view
SGA Sheghnan Airport Sheghnan, AF view
OAH Shindand Airport , AF view
TII Tarin Kowt Airport Tarin Kowt, AF view
ZAJ Zaranj Airport Zaranj, AF view