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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
RNX / 1T 1Time Airline view
SYT / Aerosud Aviation view
MDX / Aerosud Charter view
FSK / Africa Charter Airline view
ASG / African Star Airways (PTY) Ltd. view
\N / KP Air Cape view
SSN / Airquarius Air Charter view
AQU / AirQuarius Aviation view
SPZ / Airworld view
99F / 9A All Africa view
MCY / Ambulance Air Africa view
AOF / Atair Pty Ltd. view
AVK / AV8 Helicopters view
AVO / Aviation at Work view
VSA / Avstar Aviation view
ASM / Awesome Flight Services (Pty) Ltd view
PNT / Balmoral Central Contracts SA view
BEU / Bateleur Air view
KEM / 5Z Cemair view
CAH / Charlan Air Charter view
RAT / Chief Rat Flight Services view
CIW / Civair Airways view
CLZ / Cloud 9 Air Charters view
CAW / MN Comair(ZS) view
CUT / Court Helicopters view
RSS / Crossair view
DHV / DHL Aviation Services view
ECT / East Coast Airways view
SBC / Emoyeni Air Charter view
EAS / Executive Aerospace view
TEA / Executive Turbine Aviation view
FDR / Federal Air view
FLR / Fleetair view
=== / GM Flitestar view
SFR / FA FlySafair view
GML / G & L Aviation view
EGO / Gauteng Air Cargo view
GWS / General Airways (Pty) Ltd view
GBB / QB Global Aviation view
GBB / Global Aviation Operations- Investments view
HYC / Hydro Air Flight Operations view
XRA / Intensive Air view
ILN / D6 Interair South Africa view
ITK / ID Interlink Airlines (Pty) Ltd view
CAW / MN view
KWN / Kwena Air view
LOR / Leo-Air view
--- / ++ Lombards Air view
LUT / Luft Carago view
MNO / JE Mango Air Inc view
FAV / Mayfair Aviation LLC view
LPC / McAlpine Aviation Ltd view
MCC / MCC Aviation (Pty) Ltd view
LFI / National Airways Corporation view
NTW / CE Nationwide Airlines view
NRK / Naturelink Charters view
NLC / Nelair Charters & Travel view
NHT / New Heights 291 view
NRX / Norse Air Charter view
OED / Orion Air Charter view
OOT / Out of the Blue Air Safaris (Pty) Ltd view
KTL / P & P Floss Pick Manufacturers view
PDF / Pelican Air Services Inc view
PHB / Phoebus Apollo Aviation view
QWL / Qwila Air view
RVM / River Ministries Air Charter view
VOS / Rovos Air view
RCG / Royal Air Cargo view
SPH / Sapphire Executive Air view
SFE / Sefofane Air Charters view
SHM / Sheltam Aviation view
WLK / Skyrover CC view
SKR / Skyscapes Air Charters (Pty) Ltd view
SET / Solenta Aviation view
LMG / South African Air Force (SAAF) view
LNK / 4Z South African Airlink view
SAA / SA South African Airways view
EXY / XZ South African Express Airways view
SGC / Southern Right Air Charter-Naturelink Airlines view
CDS / Spectrem Air view
SPB / Springbok Classic Air view
PUR / Spurwing Airlines view
BRH / Star Air Cargo view
TRL / Starlite Aviation view
STX / Stars Away Aviation view
SRZ / Strato Air Services view
SLE / Streamline Inc view
SJE / Sunair 2001 view
TMX / Tramon Air view
UTR / Utair South Africa view
VLA / Valan International Cargo Charter view
AZR / Zenith Air view
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