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Code Name  
AFI / Africaone view
BRF / Air Bravo Corporation view
MHU / Air Memphis view
AUX / Air Uganda International Ltd. view
HPO / Almiron Aviation view
DSR / WD DAS Air Cargo view
DSQ / Dasab Airlines view
UGX / QU East African Airways Corporation view
HGK / N8 Fika Salaama Airlines view
FLF / Friendship Airlines view
GLU / Great Lakes Airways (Uganda) view
AFJ / Jet Alliance view
PBY / Pearl Air Services view
UGA / Ronair-Uganda Airlines view
KDR / Royal Daisy Airlines view
SJU / UQ Skyjet Airlines(5X) view
UTT / Transarabian Transportation Services view
TRU / Triangle Airline (Uganda) view
UCC / Uganda Air Cargo view
UGD / UR Uganda Airlines view
/ Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) view
RAU / Uganda Royal Airways view
WEV / Victoria International Airways view