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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
\N / OG 1-2-go view
QRT / 4D Air view
AET / Aeronautical Radio of Thailand view
ADW / Air Andaman view
APG / Air People International view
NGE / Angel Airlines view
SPY / Asian Aerospace Services view
BKP / PG Bangkok Airways view
HAW / Bangkok Aviation Center view
BCC / 8B Creanord Businessair AB view
EGX / Eagle Air Company view
FYH / Flyhy Cargo Airlines view
FFY / Fun Flying Thai Air Service view
HPY / Happy Air view
JIC / Jetgo International view
KMI / K-Mile Air view
TOX / Neosiam Airways view
VGO / E3 NewGen Airways view
NOK / DD Nok Air view
\N / 5E Nok Air-SGA Airlines view
SGN / Nok Air-Siam GA Company view
CMU / Northern Aviation Service view
OTG / One Two Go Airlines view
OEA / OX Orient Thai Airlines view
PBA / 9Q PB Air Inc view
PGT / PC Pegasus view
PMY / Phetchabun Airline view
VAP / 9R Phuket Airlines view
RCT / R Airlines view
RYS / Royal Sky view
/ Royal Thai Air Force view
/ Royal Thai Army view
/ Royal Thai Border Police view
/ Royal Thai Government view
/ Royal Thai Ministry of Agriculture & Cooperatives (MOAC) view
/ Royal Thai Navy view
/ Royal Thai Police view
/ Royal Thai Survey Department view
SCR / Si-Chang Flying Service view
SEQ / I6 Sky Eyes Airways view
SKT / SkyStar Airways view
SRB / Solar Air view
THB / Spark Air view
SFG / Sun Freight Logistics view
TCG / T2 Thai Air Cargo view
AIQ / FD Thai AirAsia view
THA / TG Thai Airways International view
TSL / Thai Aviation Service view
/ Thai Directorate of Civil Aviation view
TFH / Thai Flying Helicopter Service view
TFT / Thai Flying Service view
THG / Thai Global Airlines view
THJ / Thai Jet Intergroup view
\N / SL Thai Lion Air view
TPV / Thai Pacific Airlines Business view
TKY / 9I Thai Sky Airlines view
THD / WE Thai Smile view
TSX / T9 Thai Star Airlines view
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