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Code Name  
LFT / Aerolift Company view
AFK / Africa Air Links view
RLL / Air Leone view
RUM / Air Rum view
RNE / 20 Air Salone view
SSL / Air Sultan view
UVS / Air Universal view
CNY / Alberta Central Airways Ltd view
SSY / Blue Sky Aviation Group LLC view
DTY / Destiny Air Services view
FIR / First Line Air view
\N / 6I Fly 6ix view
NTT / Inter Tropic Airlines view
MTC / N4 Mountain Air Company view
ORD / Orange Air Services view
ORJ / Orange Air Sierra Leone view
PFN / Pan African Air Services view
PRR / Paramount Airlines view
SLA / LJ Sierra National Airlines view
TBN / Teebah Airlines view
TLL / Trans Atlantic Airlines view
TLF / Transport Africa view
WCA / West Coast Airways view