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The following airlines were found:

Code Name  
APF / Amapola Flyg view
NKF / 8N Barents Airlink view
BFG / Bear Flight view
PEB / Benders Air view
VOL / Blue Chip Jet AB (Volvo) view
BIX / TT Braathens International Airways view
BFS / Business Flight Sweden view
SCJ / Business Jet Sweden view
/ RZ Euro Exec Express view
EXC / European Executive Express view
FCN / IH Falcon Air view
FLL / Federal Airlines view
FSU / Flight Support Sweden view
FXL / Fly Excellent view
FLY / SH Fly Me Sweden view
GVG / Flygaktiebolaget Gota Vingar view
FPA / Flygprestanda view
ETS / Flygtransporter I Nykoping view
INU / Flyguppdraget Backamo AB view
NDC / LF FlyNordic view
GAO / DC Golden Air view
/ IH Golden Falcon Aviation 3 Inc (Trustee) view
SCO / Helikopterservice Euro Air view
KTR / HT Helikoptertransport view
IBZ / 6I IBA-International Business Air view
SDR / CF Intercity Airlines view
MEY / Justair Scandinavia view
KIP / Kinnarps Kontorsmebler AB view
KBV / Kustbevakningen view
PHO / L&L Flygbildteknik view
UNY / Lund University School of Aviation view
SCW / TF Malmo Aviation view
LOD / Malmoe Air Taxi view
MXL / 8M Maxair Inc view
MCA / MCA Airlines view
NTJ / 2N NextJet view
NRD / 6N Nordic Regional view
HMF / Norrlandsflyg view
NSW / LE Norwegian Air Sweden view
NVR / 1I Novair view
NEF / NTD Air Cargo-Nordflyg AB view
BUE / Orebro Aviation view
POL / Rikspolisstyrelsen view
TGT / SAAB Nyge Aero view
SKX / JZ Skyways Express view
SMF / Smalandsflyg view
LIQ / Solid Air Investment Inc view
SAG / SOS Flygambulans AB view
MCG / SOS Helikoptern Gotland view
HSV / Svenska Direktflyg view
SWV / WV Swe Fly view
SWE / Swedeways view
SVF / Swedish Air Force (Flygvapnet) view
BBB / VD SwedJet Airways view
SRL / SM Swedline Express view
SWL / Trans Jet Airways view
TWE / Transwede Airways view
TYG / Trygg-Flyg view
BLX / 6B TUIFly Nordic view
TUZ / Tuna Aero view
VIK / Viking Airlines view
GOT / Walter I Linkoping view
BLW / Wermlandsflyg AB view
SWN / PT West Air Sweden view
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